Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry X'mas Everyone

Hey everyone, I forgotten to tell you guys that im back from my family trip like 4 days ago. So yeah.. for those of you who care, you guys are probably wondering where have i been. And for those of you who dont, good for you~ XD

Its the 25th of December, so that means.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! XD

So, anything happen on my christmas eve? Nothing really special happen. The only special and different thing that happen on that day is I busted my computer. My computer keyboard was sustained by a wooden plank which is kinda old and very shaky already. I was typing half way and i accidentally place too much pressure on the wooden plank. The whole thing fell and hit my computer. My computer hang-ed and immediately i restart my computer. Everything was still running fine except the screen is not appearing anything! PANICED! D8

I head to Tarvin's house cause his like the computer genius among all of us, so i seek him for help to fix my computer and all. Thank god, everything was okay and nothing important in the computer was damage. The computer was fixed almost immediately. XD XD

At first i wasnt planning to do any giving present and all.. but later on, me and my friends plan to do a little santa clausing.. We decided to buy a present for someone who is special, important or just someone that we wanted to meet for a long time and deliver to them right on 12am midnight. Yeap, when Christmas officially starts. XD

I called this, Ninja Santa! XD

Our Ninja Santa was sorta successful. We manage to deliver all our present to people who we wanna give it to before sunrise. Some of them even have a great result and made themselves a merry christmas. (if you now what i mean. XD) Congratz to them. X)
I got a hug from 'her' for my christmas present. And thats good enuf. X)
That night when i head home, i got an unexpected skype call from a friend of mine who is all the way from India wishing me merry christmas. It was nice to heard from her again. Will talk to some other time okay, Peiyin? XP

I hope everyone have a good Christmas eve and even Christmas itself. Happy Holidays everyone~ X)


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