Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Panda No Around Anymore

Some of you guys might have seen my facebook status and twitter post and all.. yes, the ferret at my place, Panda is not around anymore. X(

A picture of Panda, the ferret. X)

It all happen on one saturday morning, 2 days before my second exams paper. I heard alot of opening the door and closing the door and phone calls while I was still lying down on the bed. Then I woke up, head towards the laptop and wanted to start going thru my notes. The first thing i saw when i open my laptop which was on sleep mode was an internet browser which is title 'Ways to find a lost Ferret. Immediately, i know whats coming. I was alittle bit worried but I cant afford to lose my focus on study cause i havent been studying much. What I can only do is hope for the a good news to come.

After awhile my brother came back home and entered the room. I took a quick glance at my brother and i can see his body is all sweaty. It must be because he was running around searching really hard for Panda under the hot sun. Besides the sweaty body, there was also a look of sad and disappointment at his face.

Alot of question start running to my head like 'Is Panda Missing', 'Did you find him?', 'How did he went missing?', 'What time was he missing?'. Alot of questions that I wanted to ask him but in the end I didnt say anything to him because im afraid that anything that came out from my mouth wont do anything good or maybe something worst like a break down or triggering an anger.

All my brother did when he walked into the room was this, open the door, close the door, slams on the bed, covers his face with the blanket and sleep. His probably using the 'sleep it off' technique that i always use whenever im sad or something. After awhile, i heard some sniffing coming from my brother. I wasnt really sure whether his was crying or not, but I can tell that Panda really meant alot to him.

I couldnt stand looking at my brother feeling sad or something. I too am the owner of Panda, i should take some action and not look like i dont care about. Screw the exams, I close my laptop head out side and start looking around the corner for Panda. After looking for about one hour, i suddenly remember that my house is packet with CCTVs (yeah, pretty scary house eh?) Maybe we took some shots of Panda and who knows, he might be still inside the house!!

I immediately head back home, went up and turn on the CCTV television. Once I turn it on, i found out it has been looked thru before and it is most probably my brother using it before this. He probably figure it out before I did since his smarter than I am.

After going thru the videos, i finally found the video that capture Panda. At 4.30am in the morning, Panda left the house thru the open front gate. It was just a video on a television screen but it felt like I actually saw Panda left the house right infront of my eyes. At that moment, I felt a sad, I felt disappointed and I regretted for not showing love towards the little fella. (Yeah, I sorta cried a little bit. XP)

My brother didnt really eat much for a few days, my sister start posting emo IMY status on twitter and I just felt alittle bit bored.. No one was around to jump around and annony me anymore, no one was around randomly bite me cause im not paying any attention to him anymore. Its just feels very different. This shows how much influence that Panda has bring into our family even know its been just 7 months having it around.

After a few days later, my brother told me the whole story about how did Panda ran out from the house. Of course, I was wondering.. How can the little fella get all the way from the tuition room upstairs down towards the front gate of the house? It was all cause by alittle bit careless-ness and accident here and there.

Panda has 4 obstacle that he needs to cross in order get out from the house. One, is the cage door, two is the tuition room door, three is the wooden door and four is the front main gate. Heres what happened, my brother was playing with Panda for awhile before he head out for some midnight yumcha session with his friends. But he accidentally forgotten to close the cage door nicely and at the same time he didnt close the tuition door cause he THOUGHT that he close the cage door nicely already so Panda was get out from the house.

Next is the wooden front door and front main gate. Usually, when someone is still outside, we wont lock the wooden door cause only my father has the key to open the door and of course, we wouldnt want our father to know that we come home late at night, so we leave the wooden door open alittle so that we know that the door is not close yet. The same thing happened, my brother left the wooden door not completely close and coincidencely, it was enough for Panda to fit thru the door.

Finally, is the front main gate which is also the most the most biggest mistake that my brother made.. Basically, he forgotten to close the front main gate. Therefore, the our front gate was open while for the whole night and just like that Panda went out from the house..

I know I used to call that thing a badass and annonying little rat but to be honest, i dont really mean any of it. The little fella can very very cute sometimes.. But that can only be witness when both of us are alone. But still the little thing REALLY can be annoying sometimes. XD

My brother and sister said that among all the family members, Panda likes me the most. I really dunno why maybe because when he annoys me and I will fight back he thinks that im playing with him or maybe is because he think im the most bulliable among all OR maybe because I dont go snuggling with him (maybe he hate getting snuggled.)

I happy, Im happy to hear other people think that Panda likes me. I never really experience the feeling of having other people feel jealous that someone that they like, likes me. (pretty sad of me eh?) Although this is not a HOT GIRL or something, but still Im happy. X)

Its sad that Panda is not around anymore.. I really wish the little fella would be around now since im having holidays and I have nothing do. I would most probably spend sometime playing with him or something. At least is far better than staying at home reading sad love comics. (sad + nerd = sad nerd life)

But of course, I shouldnt be the one feeling sad and all, the one should be feeling sad the most is my brother as he is the one who brought back Panda and loved it the most. And I as brother should be the one supporting him instead of being sad and all. XP

Here are some pictures that we took when Panda was still around. X)

Panda was hugging some vitamin bottle and eating at the same time.

Panda was sleeping on my brother's body while he is sleeping as well. X)

Panda and the new doggie, Baby having a stare of contest. XD

Finally, the one and only picture that I took with Panda. X)

Its sad but life still has to move on. The only thing I can do right now, its stay strong and of course, stay stronger than I was before. And HOPEFULLY, its good enuf to maintain until the next bad incident is coming. X)

Owh, before I end this post. I wanna thank all the people who post all the nice and supportive messages to me. I really meant alot of me. Some of you guys even had a small fight among each other just to comfort me. Im really really really thankful. (Although its weird, the people who are fighting are guys but not girls. XD)

CHEERS? Yeah, still good enough for a cheers. XD

but still it wouldnt hurt to have some more support from 'you'. hehe, im greedy. XP

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