Thursday, December 15, 2011

Family Trip

Alright guys, I wont be around telling stories for about 4 days if im not wrong. As you can read from the title of this blog post, im going for a family trip to Bali.

To be honest, Im not really excited for this family trip for some particular reason. In fact, i think it is very troublesome. Its good that we are going to sit some high class cruise and all, but we have to follow the high class rules like have to wear shirts with collar and no short pants are allow.

Im not against wearing collar shirt and no short pants.. but im just lazy i guess. The feeling of doing everything just for the cruise, its just troublesome. Weird eh? XP

Maybe because im just weird.. OVER LAZY! XD

But if I have my family and friends in trip, i would be SUPER pumped and excited about it! XD

Oh well, i guess i'll blog and update you guys this coming weekdays i guess? XP


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