Friday, December 9, 2011

Meeting Her X-BF

Today while i was walking back home from the LRT station, i bumped into a guy who seems very familiar. He called me by my real name, so i guess he was someone whom i meet doing my high school years. After awhile, I finally remember, he was an x-boy friend of the girl who i used to like.

When I was in high school, I always have alittle bit feeling of hatred towards the guys that the girl who i liked is dating. They never did anything bad to me or talk back behind my back or something.. never even on bit. But I hated them because they manage to get the girl who liked. Well, I was in high school that time. I was still an immature brat (maybe I still am now? XP)

This guy remembered me because I hang around the girl whom i liked alot during high school days. So, maybe she did mention a thing or two about me to him. Or maybe not? I dunno..

Actually, I never really had a conversation with the guy before at all. Back in the days, I always avoid see both of them together. Cause you know, trying to avoid seeing something that you dont wanna see at all? Yeah, what a wuss right? XP

Then both of us had a little bit updating conversation like 'What are you doing here' , 'Where are you heading', 'Where are you studying', etc..

After having a conversation with the guy, I kinda know why the girl that i liked before choose him instead of me. After hearing what his been doing all this time, his been moving on towards his dream alot. What his been doing in his college/university is much better and much advance from what i've been doing so far. Long story short, his doing much better in life than me. XP

Soon, his bus arrived and he head home. After seeing him entered the bus and all, I said to myself 'He wasnt a bad guy at all. I guess she does have a good taste in man after all. XD' (I didnt exactly said that, I was thinking about it in my head. Get it?)

Pretty weird eh? Comparing my life with another person's life. And the person is an x-boyfriend of the girl whom I used to like! XD

Come to think of it, i really cant find the reason why did the break up and all. Well, i guess its not right to butt into these kind of things. But hey, who knows if we bump into each other again, i might ask him the question cause im kepoh. XP

FYI, this issint the first time i've experience something like this. I just didnt mention about it in my blog at all. XD


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