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2011 Highlights

Today is new years eve.. like freaking new years eve already!? So that means, in another couple of hours it will be the end of 2011 and a new beginning for 2012!? D8 DX

Yeah, time sure knows how to fly fast eh?

I was just flipping through all my 152 blog post on the year 2011 and I noticed that 2011 has been an awesome year. I would say, it could be the most interesting year as lots and lots of things has happened in my life. Tons of highlights and amazing memories were made in the year 2011.

Lets recall all the beautiful and amazing moment shall we? Lets start from the very beginning. XP

I started off the year 2011 with my 4th foundation semester in HELP. Taking only two subject which is Malaysian Studies and also Finite Maths.

Amazing and beautiful memories were made in when I was still in HELP. First, it was me and Gabriel's first stage performance as we are invited to perform for the January intake orientation night. We did 'Fireworks' cover and a '4 songs mash-up'.

Next, me, Gabriel and Nick made our first music video cover of 'Valentines' on valentines day. It turned out to be a huge success and everyone kinda liked it. It was definately a great experience worth experiencing. Working with everyone and the acting and all were fantastic. XD

Speaking of Valentines Days.. I celebrated my valentines with a 14 year old girl. Who is also a guitar student of mine. XD

My 2011, 14 year old valentines. XD

After that, I had my first family oversea trip to China to celebrate one of my relative's wedding. But it was no ordinary family trip.. all my fun uncle, aunties and cousin are going to the trip as well. And that made the trip a whole lot of fun. XP

Fun Cousin - Boring China Trip = FUN FUN FUN! XD

But after the long fun trip to China.. a sad tragedy happen back at home. On the date 21st Febuary 2011, my first beloved dog, Jasper passed away. DX

Goodbye Jasper. X')

After the sad tragedy.. My birthday came! And I received some pretty cool presents in year 2011. I even receive a present from my valentines date. XP

The present that I got from my guitar student/valentines date. XP

Then, there was the No Phone Zone event in HELP which was organized by a friend of mine. I think it was the biggest event ever through my whole life in HELP as the event was even up on 8TV and all. Even Yang berhormat Datuk Michelle Yeoh, the Global Ambassador for Road Safety attended for this event. Pretty cool huh?

The poster of NO PHONE ZONE. XP

After that, Me and Gabriel worked on our SECOND music video cover but this time its a mashed up song of 'Racketeer' and 'Grenade'. This time more and more students in HELP are involved. Which was pretty awesome. XD

Besides that, me and Gabriel had another stage performance but we are performing along with another girl name Mae who is an amazing singer and shes one year younger than us! We are performance and competing in a Talent Night competition. Although we didnt win but still making music with Mae and Gabriel was awesome. X)

A picture of Gabriel, Mae and Me~ X)

A picture of a Malaysian band, Rosevet.

The next interesting thing is I was selected as one of the most popular students in HELP. Something that im really really shocked but proud about. Again, I wanna thank everyone who sorta nominated and voted for me. XP

Numba 7th! Klex Yu Ming 'The Joker'. XD

Later on, I got myself Skype, made my very first vlog channel, upgrade my internet into Unifi (yeah baby!) and also got myself a new doggie, Oreo! XD

Oreo sleeping right beside of me.. X)

Then, I have a video assignment about Malaysian Right Constitution. I was teamed up with ZhenPei, Julian, Kah Yan and Ling Wei. The video assignment was a total success. It was good to the extend that people of the Malaysian Right Constitution commented about it! 8D

Before my HELP days are over, I made a slide show of me taking pictures with 100+ people whom i meet in HELP. It was not on youtube, but on facebook. XP

Heres the link:

I graduated from HELP and had a long 3 months holiday. Around that time, I met up with a very very long and old friend of mine, KaiShin. Along with two of my other friends Qi Wei and Zhen Whei. Awesome-ness. XP

A picture of me and Kaishin after not meeting for a very long time. X)

After that, another new family member came into my house. Panda the annoying, cute, naughty, badass ferret.

The cute but badass Panda entered our life. D8

Then, me and my fellow temple friends had our very first kalyana mitra's get away. A long 3 days 2 nights at Port Dickson and Melaka along with my close friends, definitely an amazing memory with is worth keeping. And of course, there are lots and lots of funny moments there. XD

A successful Kalyana Mitra's Get Away.

Later on, I was called to perform along on stage with the famous Shaun Chow and few of his other band crew, Suilun, Jerry, Ping Fuan, Neehui and Haru. It was pretty much my first formal performance and definately and awesome experience. The rehearsal and practice were a whole lot of fun. X)

The whole band team. XD

The performance was how i spent my last few days before heading on to my degree life. Not long after that, degree life begins. HELP days are over and INTI days kicks in. I meet some new friends who are amazing and wonderful people. XD

Extremely wonder people. Share lots of great memories. (kinda miss them. XP)

Later on, we had a two weeks mid sem break. So another few more event happened. First off was celebrating YanLeng's awesome birthday with a BIG BANG of surprise at 1U. XD

Shouting 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAN LENG' on the top floor of 1U. XD

The next event of the 13th CFCamp. I was elected as the cafeteria again for the 3rd year already. There were ups and down but everything turned out awesome. X)

A picture taken before the group photo. XD

It was also the time when i got myself my twitter account. XP

After everything, its time to head back to my uni life. Although life in uni was busy and hard but still, there are lots of things going on back there.

Celebrated Alex's 20th Birthday with a BANG surprise. XP

I get to meet JJ from at my uni.

And i get to meet Datin Sri Ellena while working on a project! 8D

A picture of everyone was were involved with the project. X)

On 9/10/2011, the moon was surprisingly amazing! It was the kind of moon that can actually turn a man into a werewolve. XD

Fuh.. Bright, round and beautiful man.. 8D

Then a new puppy, Baby came into the family. It was surprisingly adopted by my mother who was pretty against us getting another dog and all. XD

Taadaaaa~ Meet Baby~ XP

Later on, it was the amazing Janice & Sonia weekend! I spent all my friday, saturday and sunday with some Jayesslee fever! They came down to Malaysia KL for their concert. I went for both of their autograph session and get to take picture with them, TWICE. It was probably the most amaszing weekend I had thru out the whole year. Kudos to Ashwin and Eugune for the help. X)

Picture one with Janice & Sonia. 8D

Picture two with Janice & Sonia! XD

Bought a shirt with their autograph on it. WEEEE~ XD

Have a little picture of them in my wallet right now. XP

Around that time, I won my very first fnm (friday night magic) game with my first and favorite deck Tempered Steel. I did not just won at one place, but TWO places. XD

After that, it was hardcore studying for my finals exams in uni. Stress start flowing out and assignment rush occurs. After 2 long weeks of hardcore studying and assignment rushing, FREEDOM WAS HERE. Me and my uni mates are rewarded with a long 2 months+ holiday. XD

The holiday started off with the first KJCamp (Kalyana Junior Camp) which turned out pretty well as well. I was back to being a facilitator and I had one of the most obedient kids in my team. X)

The first KJCamp picture~

Then I had a family trip without my brother to Thailand's Puket and Krabi. The story about the trip will be update in the blogspot soon.. Before that, here are some pictures to tease you guys for the up coming story. XP

Me and the family sat on the amazing Star Cruise Libra. 8D

Head to the amazing beach at Puket Island.

Took pictures with the amazing dynamic duo, 'Twice as Much'.

And some funny pictures with the 'ladies' . XD

After coming back from my family trip, my final results are out and I was very satisfy with my results. And the best part is, i get to keep my scholarship! XD

Scored two destinction and two passes. Objective meet! XP

Did ninja santa for christmas and celebrated the countdown of 2011 with my high school friends at Desa Park and the Curve. Overall a pretty good way to end my year. It at least better than celebrating new years alone. XD

And that is the end of 2011. I think i meet alot of famous people in the year 2011 and I hope I can meet MORE of them in 2012. Long story short, 2011 was an amazing year and it all end well. XD

Looking forward to year 2012. And I hope MORE amazing than 2011. XD


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