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I just attended a camp recently.. and looking at the participants in the camp made me feel back the good days when things are so carefree that you can attend camps whenever you want. It really has been quiet awhile (like 1 year) since i last joined a proper camp. X)

During the camp one of my group members and one of the committees asked me, "Klex, are you are regular camper?". Yes, i am an extremely active regular camper. Well, i used to be. But yeah.. I've been joining camp since i was young.. so young to the extend that even now i dont even remember what age i started camping! XD

I went back home to try and know how many camps that i've attended.. Was flipping thru my soft copy photo album on facebook and I found pictures of the camp that i've attended. Some of them are so long ago that I dont even remember which year did i attended those camp. XD

Some year which god knows when..

My very First Sayonara Junior Camp

One of My Very Best Experience of Youth Camp

Some Year's Children Fellowship Camp which I dont Remember


Children Fellowship Camp 2009

My First and Only Sayonara Youth Camp


Children Fellowship Camp 2010

My only Camp with my HELP-ians

My Last Youth Camp


Children Fellowship Camp 2011

The First Kalyana Junior Camp

And we came to year 2012.. Year 2011 was extremely busy and year 2012 without a doubt was a million times more busier than 2011. I was lucky enough to get myself involve in two camps in year 2011! Anyways.. this year, year 2012, i participated in a camp organized by my University called the "INTI Sfondomento Camp" (dont ask..) 

INTI Sfondamento Camp 2012

My fellow group members/ my boy band/ my Super Juniors-2. XD

Meet a couple of other new friends besides my group memebers. X)

The Entire Fellow Camp-ians!

Yeap, there are a total of 630++ participants.. All from different high schools! Some of them are in Ipoh, Perak, Subang, Kuantan, etc..  Not to mention there are 72 Commitees (Icrew Members) and 20++ lecturers are involved in this camp. I would have to say, this is probably the BIGGEST crowd of campers i have so far. XD

What can i say about this camp? Definitely memorable.. I was only involved in Youth Camp once. It was my only time getting to facilitate teenagers.. so I thought.. This camp was my second chance to facilitate teenagers. Facilitating Teenagers is different from facilitating Children.. Cause the level of understand between both u and your group members are pretty close.. Plus facilitating them is MUCH more easier than facilitating kids. Their independent level are much higher and reliable. XD

As you can see from the picture, im in charge of facilitating an all male team. It was really actually my very first time facilitating an all male team and faclitating them is AWESOME. Cause facilitating them is like facilitating 10 younger versions of me! Theirs actions, their ideas, their suggestions, their conversation, the things that think of and not to mention the way that they react when a pretty girl is around.. hilarious.. (cause some of them are in an all boys school) XD

The funny part of my team is that 80% knew each other.. like literally.. close friends/classmates. Therefore, Ice breaking was not an issue at all. Plus, they are pretty sporting, friendly and hyperactive. So there are no awkward silent moments among us. Besides that, since they knew each other pretty while, splitting jobs among each other during activity was not a problem as they know each other's skills very well.

Down side about my team? Its actually not really a downside.. but the downside of my team is that most of them are in an all boys school.. Sometimes they spend more time spectating girls more than focusing on their work. XD To me, that is not something that will bother me OR an issue that disrupts the team.. but it actually entertains me more. Sometimes, i will catch them looking at girls. Instead of asking them to continue with their activities, i will teman them spectate the girls.You should see the way that they approach girls.. seriously, hilarious. (I really shouldnt make fun of them.) And since they are from boys school, some of them really wanna try and know some girls. So they will come and ask me permission to talk to other girls.. I will be like "OF COURSE YOU CAN!! Go talk to them! Know their names! Get their Numbers! Your here to make friends! I will NEVER stop from knowing girls one! XD" (Im probably the most coolest leader they have meet. XD)

Besides knowing new people from my team, i also know new people from other teams. As in other participants. Some of them i know through approaches by them when they come and ask me about college stuffs.. Some of them i know through random moments like during activities or when i was talking to their Icrew members I will awkwardly say hi to their other group members. And some of them are know through my group members while they asked me to help me ask for their names (FYI the some of them are girls.. XP) Lastly is of course i met some new people also from the other Icrew team. X)

The activites arranged for the camp are pretty good I would have to say. I can tell that the students are really having fun with the activities. Even as a Icrew member, i feel that the activities are fun. Sadly, most of the activities are spoiled due to the raining and some time delay issue.. but HEY, its a camp so things like these are bound to happen. XD

Some of my friends are actually surprise to the way I act in the camp. (the ones who dont usually hang out around me in Uni) To them, the way that i acted in the camp and the way that i act in University is like two very different people.. To them, the university me is stone cold silent, anti-social, quiet, basically all the good quality of a nerd BUT in the camp, im like possessed or something. Hearing that really does make me laugh but its good to know i still have a little "old me" inside of me. X)

Like any camps, the final day of the camp is usually the sad one.. cause after knowing sooo many people from that few days.. We have to be seperated again.. All of the camps will get into their own buses and waved good bye at us.. BUT all hope is not lost, we manage to attract some of the students to come into INTI college to pursue their studies. And some of them are friends that I've made thru tha camp. Plus, there is a new building which will be done around next year which will be the building for the INTI student from other cities.. So I can see some of the students and even the Icrew members that i've meet again next year. XD

My group members gave me our team flag with their signature as a token of appreciation. X)

The things/memories that I've obtain from the camp. (except the dog feet)

All and all a good camp and another very memorable experience. And since the camp was held RIGHT AFTER our exams.. the fun and excitement of the camp was really what me and uni-mates needed. XD


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