Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My First: The Confession (Part 1)

The other day me and my cousin are having some conversation and we sudden came to the topic of relationships and stuffs. That topic then lead us to confessing and rejected by girls. I told him the story about my own personal experience and since I never mention that story on this blog before, I decided to share this very special story for mine to you guys too. XP

It all begin in the year 2006, when I was form 2. Second year in high school. A year before this blog was exist. It was the time when friendster was like facebook today.

There was this girl who i start liking way back when i was in standard 6. She is probably one of the reason why i keep asking my parents to send me to Taman SEA. (this is true) She was like any other guy's dream girl. Smart, sweet, pretty, amazing, awesome, friendly, funny and of course popular. Ever since she was standard 6 she has been always popular in the school. Therefore, lots of guys are going after her and i mean ALOT.

I've been pretty close friends with her for about 3 years and when we hit form 2 things just got better and better. We are not really close to the extend that we would call each other or text each other everyday but once in awhile we both will sit down somewhere and talk to each other. In tuition, we will pass paper messages to talk instead of sitting with each other. Ahhh.. those are the times when things felt really really nice and comfortable. X)

Since she is so popular she tends to have a boyfriend once in awhile.. And I have this really funny thinking that if someone has a boyfriend or someone they like, is best not to disturb them cause they are happy and i dont want any conflict to happen. Back then (even until today) i never really wanted to fight for someone i really like. I never stood up and go after her manly like any other guys did. All i did was just sit down and spend as many time as I can with her. And when she has a bf or someone she likes, i will just back off and go emo at a corner without letting her know. (she eventually figured it out cause shes smart. XP)

Now back to the main story, back in the days my high school was pretty well known for its gangsterism. And there was this dude who is kinda gangster (in my opinion) wanted to go after her. Once in awhile I will hear her talking about him and I will see them together. I never really liked that guy even know his older than me, more popular than me or cooler than me. I was afraid that she will really like him and end up dating that guy. I didnt want that to happen.  Its not really because i hated him, its because of the bad flirting dumping stories that i heard about him and i dont want her to end up just like them.

I know it was not my place to tell her to not date him.. cause really i know nothing about that guy. All i know is that his one badass guy. So i seek my friend for advice and opinions. Most of her friends knew that I have feelings for her and im very sure she knew that too. (cause again, shes smart. XD) I received alot of advices and most of them sounded something like this..

"If you really like her so much, why dont you go and confess to her? Why dont you give it a shot? You gotta man up alittle bit and just confess to her. Tell her how u really feel. Maybe she will end up dating you instead of that guy? Just give it a shot."

I didnt really like that idea to confess to her and tell her how I feel but i didnt like the idea of going up to her and tell her not to date that guy too. I was lost.. Honestly, that time i really didnt know what to do.. I NEVER confessed to a girl before. Im having troubles even trying to have a decent conversation with her (im very bad in face to face communication when it comes to someone i like.) and to confess to her face to face is probably 100 times more harder. So, I figured i just ignore both ideas and get on with a normal life.

Everything was same as usual until one day, i heard rumors about the guy was going to confess to her. Then it all starting to get into my head. What should I do? What should I do? What should I do? So, i decided to do it.. I decided to confess to her and tell her how I feel. That time, I really wasnt thinking straight. There was really no proper well planned thing on to my head. Usually when someone confess they will do something special like bring a flower or present or do it on a special occasion. But that time no, it was a normal day, no flowers, no nothing.. I dont even have a poem to go along with it.

So after school, I immediately ran to the front gate where is she always waiting for her parents there. And there she was, stand and talking happily with her friends. I approach her, interrupted her conversation and asked her to have a moment.. but she didnt want to cause she said she was waiting for her parents and she dont wanna leave her friends alone as well. (I think she knew is coming already) and without hesitation, i took a deep breath, cross my finger and said it..

"Hey, I've been liking you all this while. Would you go out with me? Can you be my girlfriend?"



*I didnt want to make this blog post really really really long.. so i decided to cut it into two parts. I find that this way it seems more dramatic and enteretaining. Yeah, stay tune for part 2 which im actually writting it right now. XD"

Click HERE to read part 2. XP

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