Monday, July 2, 2012

False Hopes

Have you ever have false hopes?

So lets put it in a way that some of you guys might understand what im going thru. XP

There was this ice-cream that you really really want to buy.. it was the perfect ice-cream and the ice-cream that you've ever dream of eating it. You want the ice-cream so badly that you work hard everyday saving up your whole entire savings for that ice-cream. Finally, you get to buy the ice-cream!! YAY~ XD

And since its like a bucket of ice-cream and you wanna enjoy eating it slowly in the future, you decided to keep it in the refrigerator and eat it later on in the future. Waiting for the right time to eat the ice-cream. Every night you will be thinking about that ice-cream in your fridge.. and you cant wait to eat it but sadly your just too busy every single day that you have the time to eat it but its fine cause you are a very patient person and you wanna wait for the really right time to do so.

One day you open the fridge and it gone! Someone else has already ate the whole bucket of ice-cream and left a small part of it for you. Alright thats fine, like i said.. your a very patient person.. you forgive the person who ate almost ALL of YOUR ice-cream..

So u took the last piece of ice-cream and eat it. Yes, finally you get to eat the ice-cream! But still.. it was not as good as you want it to be.. its cause the ice-cream gave u one big false hope.. its cause of everything that is going on around you, you are psychologically not satisfied.. and your sad..

Owh owh owh! Heres another example and this one sounds more suitable or sounds more understandable for you guys. XD

Lets say there was a school filled with 5 to 6 years old kids and you are one of them. The school announce that everyone will get a present if they all are good children. So, you work really hard, study really hard to be a good student in the school. So finally, the school announce and said that everyone has been a good kids so every class with get candy.

And since your 5 or 6 years old.. you are soooo happy! You got a candies!! SWEET!! So your jumping for joy chowing down your candies with all your friends and everyone was happy.. the best part is that you felt like you have achieve something.. you really felt like you are awesome.. you feel like your appreciate..

But wait.. as you look over to the other class room, the children are scream for joy. They all ran around shouting 'free bike! free bike! free bike!' What!? No one told you that there was a chance to get a free bike?? What you know is that you will get a present and thats all you know. Your class got a free candy while some other classes got free bikes.

In the end, your hopes are all crush.. the small little candy that school gave you doesnt mean anything anymore. Its not because its the school's fault not telling u that u get a chance to get a free bike, its just your not good enough or lucky enough or awesome enough to get the free bike. The thought that you are awesome just totally got destroyed and your sad.. 

Yeah.. so are you guys getting the idea of false hopes? Thats how i've been filling myself with all these while.. hopes that are easily to get crush. Thats basically how i freaking mentally torture myself.. maybe thats why i got so many white hairs.. DX XD

Small little things can make someone happy but sometimes that small little things can crush one's hope..

Owh btw, im having holidays right now! So yeah.. you guys will be seeing little bit more of my blog, non-making sense, emo-ing blog post around.. i hope.. if im not too busy doing house chores at home.. or to be more realistic.. not to lazy. XP

I hope everyone is doing okay right now.. and if there is any of you out there (who i know) who are feeling the same way as I am. I just wanna let you guys know.. i know how you all feel.. and if u guys ever need an ear to hear you guys out, you guys can come and find me. Cause really.. thats what people who have lost their hopes really need.. somone to hear them out. X)


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  1. But sometimes having false hope is better than having nothing. At times u might be too hurt to even move on, so false hope gives u the strength to stand up and move on. Maybe it hurts when the hope is crushed, but you probably wouldn't even made it that far without the false hope u are having. If you get what I mean...X/

    I guess we just have to find another hope/false hope when the previous one is crushed then.


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