Thursday, July 26, 2012

Basketball Players

Since this might be a sensitive issue, I will be using 'the court' as the basketball court that im talking about right. Read on the blog post and you'll understand what im talking about.

So, some of my friends who played with me at the basketball court behind my house asked me "Hey Yu Ming, your a pretty good basketball player. You can jump, shoot and all. Why dont you play at 'the court' but instead you choose to play with us? They have better players there who suit your level, you can improve better that way."

I then replied "Cause the players there are not the kind of basketball players that i like to play with.."

So, what kind of basketball players that im talking about? I might be a personal thingy, but im pretty picky even when it comes to basketball players that im playing or teaming up with. Im talking about the kind of basketball players who have extreme high level of ego. And with that high ego that they have, they then to be alittle.. rude, show off and just basically unfriendly..

Now, all basketball players have ego. As a basketball player myself, i will not deny that.. But altho we all have ego but there are different levels of ego. Some can be the really f*ck up one and some can be the kind of ego that you wont even notice. So how do your know when the person has a f*ck up ego or not? Im gonna teach u guys how to identify these kind of people. It very simple.. you can tell by the attitude that they have while playing bball and how 'kia su' they are. Usually very very ego people will get really mad when they are losing and all. And to make themselves not lose and all, they pick all the strong strong players to join their them and wont let anyone other players to join their team. If there are no strong players they will call their pro friends to come over to the bball call and trash the crap out of us. To make sure that they are not just bring their friends to play for fun, check their friend's attitude.. It should be the same. (im serious about this)

You will know that u are playing with one of these kinds of basketball players when u get into a scenario like this.. One of the ego-ish player tries to lay up the ball into the ring, so he dashes inside, jumps. You panic-ed so you just jump and block to pressure him but u accidentally hit his hand, he shouts foul immediately. Since its your fault, your gentleman enough apologize to him cause ur friendly. He gave u the cold stare and just walked away like his going to kill u after the games. And ever since then, he will only have an eye on you. Doesnt matter what kind of shyt u do, he will crush you and continously give u that cold stare. 

Now, the basketball player that i like to play with are something like this.. The same scenario, he lay-ups, you panic-ed,  you jump, accidentally hit his hands, and he calls foul. When he call fouls its not in like an aggressive shouting way, he will call like in a very normal tone. Then when you go ahead and apologize to him, he will say "Its okay. Are you okay? Good, now back to the game alright?" and after the game, its doesnt matter wheather their team wins or their team lost, they will still come over to you, shake your hands and say "Good game man, well played." Yeah, the people who i usually play with are people like this and that is also the way that i treat other basketball players.

I just think that basketball should be played in a very fun and casual way.. Not in a way that you wanna pick a fight with other players. I fine if kids dont know, but for adults who are in their working age and still plays like a douchebag, really dont deserve to earn my respect.

Yes, everybody wants to win in a basketball game. Who likes to lose forever? But having such a douchebag attitude while playing basketball will not earn other people's respect even if you are good and u win. Sometimes, people dont even want to team up with u with that attitude like you. The people who like to team up with u are probably the same kind of players as you are. To me, i doesnt matter how good you are, if you attitude is like crap, you wont get any respect from me at all. I rather team up with players who are weaker than that fella than teaming up with him. Cause these kind of players are not fun to play along with. 

I've been playing at 'the court' for a few times already and most of the players there are the ones who will give u the cold stare and all..  It was just really really hard to you be friends with them. I like to make friends when it comes to bballs cause that way it feels more comfortable playing with them. So far, in my whole experience in playing basketball in 'the court', i only heard one basketball player that said "Its alright, its just a ball game.". Only uncles will usually say something like this cause they are mature but for teenage guys, those are like an extinct line of words..  When i heard that person said that line, i was happy.. happy there is are actually players like this playing in 'the court'. X)

I will keep training and training and training till im good.. and one day, go there and kick their asses just to tell them the right way to play basketball. Yes, basketball is a competitive sport games.. you get serious when you play in a real competition. But when you play with strangers or random casual players, it should be fun! There should be laughers and joking around when you play bball.. but maybe its just me..

I like to play with players who make alot of noise, jokes and laughs while playing basketball. It just shows their personality that way. And the ones that i dont like are the kinds that i just mentioned above. All of these are not advice or warnings or anything.. all of these are just opinions.. Maybe some of you guys like play with these kind of people and like to win.. If you guys are one of them, i hope u all are not offend cause wtv i said here.. i freaking mean it..

I said i alot of time and I will say it again..Basketball should be played in a fun and friendly environment. If you dont like to play for fun and have a friendly attitude.. please dont come and play with me. Im serious..


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