Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ferrari with Me

Did I mention to you guys that I have my very own laptop? XP

Does these picture ring any bell now? XP

I have been doing a little bit of bonding with my laptop these days. Before that, my brother was the one holding on to it but now since i will be rushing myself with assignment, my brother give me the opportunity to get along with my laptop. X)

I have been working with my laptop for almost 2 weeks for now.. and i didnt know how awesome this laptop is. The size.. the system.. the softwares in it.. the colour.. the speed.. everything about the laptop is cool! XD

I have to thank my brother again for choosing and buying this laptop from me. X)

Since my laptop has a webcam on it.. i have been using video calls on msn to communicate with people. The good thing is can see the person who is talking to me and i dont have to type. But the disadvantage is they can see me too..

I have been talking with lots of my friends these days.. old friends, new friends.. and all of them have webcam in their computer! XD Webcam turns on.. and walah! We are talking again! XD the best part is i can see their face and reactions. and yes.. most of them are girls.. XP

I may sound like im using this laptop for fun.. but seriously.. i work on my assignments as well! So holding this laptop is not just for fun!

Still.. my brother said before.. I only can hold either the PSP or the laptop.. and yes i'll definately go for laptop.. cause i finished God Eater and BBS already.. so dont need to use that PSP anymore! XD

I want to hold on to the laptop.. but to be fair.. i think i will return to my brother some day.. not tomorrow and not tomorrow punya tomorrow.. but someday. XD