Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Leadership Camp (Day 1)

Leadership camp.. if im not wrong its sorta like a compulsory camp for all HELP foundation students but just that each student got a different batch.

I got the third batch which was a pretty interesting batch and yet a little bit screwed up. Interesting because there are some ppl which i dont know or dont really talk to are chosen in the camp. The screwed up part is most of the other participants are my friends..

Yes, i said my friend.. probably more than half of the camp are consist of my friends! Max, Ivan, Nick, Daniel, Esther, Saiful, Dex, Sien Dee, Sin Yein, Xiau Wei, Wai Sin, Reuben, Vania, Kai Boon.. this would take all day.. cause really.. ALOT of them are going.

Everyone begin gathering around the lower foyer. The whole lower foyer was FREAKING PACK!! As in like orientation night packed! D8

When Mr.Radin (I mistaken him as Mr.Murali) begin to shout out our names to mark the attendence, everyone was quiet.. not because they wanna be quite and look like some good boy or girl.. its because they wanna hear each other's REAL NAME. Most of us are using a fake name in college so yeah.. XP Through that.. i discovered many ppl's real name.. and for some reason its funny.. XD

They begin splitting us into buses.. the sad thing is that we wont get to choose which bus to sit in cause they are going to put it in names. So, I got split up with Wai Sin, Daniel, Ivan, Sin Yein and Nick. They all are sitting the other bus.. DX but on the other hand, I get to sit with Esther, Saiful, Dex, Max, Xiau Wei and Sien Dee on the other bus. XD

We begin our journey around 3pm.. the good thing is that i get to hang out with some of my friends more than strangers but the sad thing is the bus was freaking HOT! Is like they put carbon dioxides in the air-con or something. XD The whole bus was sooo hot that some of us cant even manage to sleep in the bus! But still there are some of us which survive the heat and doze off.

Since there are not much camera-ins i decided to take pictures for the camp. Well not for the whole camp but just some part of it. XP

Mr.Radin and Mr.Darminder was incharge of our bus! XD

Mr.Radin doing some head counting..

Kai Boon slept like a hero..

Caught this dude trying to sleep as well..

Reuben sleeping... and Wai Yee distracting... XD

Wai Meng snoozing off..

Turns over and doze off again.. XD

Esther's way of sleeping..

Xiau Wei's way of sleeping...

Citar sleeping..

Nikita sleeping..

Cai Hong sleeping.. (look at his adam's apple man! XD)

Another Reuben sleeping..

Milie sleeping..

Juandy sleeping..

Dun remember what is her name.. sleeping. XP

I dun remember her name too.. but shes sleeping as well! XD

Reuben and Kai Boon still sleeping..

Citar and Nikita getting closer to each other..

I actually fell asleep.. But i got woke up by the song Baby by Justin Bieber! That song is really an alarm clock! XD There are some of us sleeping and there are definately some of us which are totally hyper-ed up for the camp which cannot sleep. XD

See.. there are some of us who are awake..

Caught Ysabelle waking up from her nap. XP

Samantha looking cool..

No.. Max is not sleeping.. his just acting cool..

See I told u his just acting cool! XD

Trying to catch Saiful sleeping but instead he caught me..

Saiful drinking the SUPER huge bottle of his.

Esther is happy around in the bus. XP
(u can see people who are awake and not awake around esther.)

Ysabelle and Vania taking picture~ X)

Caught Xiau Wei waking up.. XD

Dex trying to balance with one leg in the bus.

While we are awake.. Mr.Radin is sleeping.. XD

Yeap, I had chipsmore in the bus. Weee~ XD

When we almost reach our destination.. the bus ride gets interesting. Its like we entered a jungle or something! Saiful started going 'Dinosaur! Dinosaur!' everytime he passes through an animal or a jungle like area. The whole journey was pretty much entertaining. XD

After a long 3~4 hours of ride in the bus.. we have finally reached our destination! XD Yeap.. we finally arrived at gopeng, Earth Camp! The place looks very interesting.. there are actually some tree houses there! But too bad.. since there are sooo many of us.. we have to sleep in the dorm. Its still something like a tent but just that is upgraded or something. XD

Yeap, thats how all our dorm look like..

Everything there looks interesting.. what i've imagined was some kind of macam tent punya camp but this is just waaaay cooler.. XD

Of course.. whats really cool abt the camp is definately.. the toilet. XD

This is where we are gonna do our business.. XD

and this is where we are gonna wash ourselves.

Very interesting issit? If you are tall enough (like me..) you can talk with friends which are in the cubicle beside you! XD Yeah, me and Max tried doing that and it worked! We even passed shampoo around to Reuben and Saiful! (long hands..)

After setting ourselves up.. we gather up in the empty green field.. We get to meet our supervisors/coach for the camp. Faris, Cydi and Apek. (yeah, that guy's name was APEK! no kidding!) Sadly, they split us up through the bus that we sat in.. so Bus A one side and Bus B one side.. So, turns out i cannot have the same team with Daniel, Sin Yein, Nick or Ivan already.. DX

Then, we have a small mini game where we all have which involves running around.. Its a pretty funny game and we had fun as well. That game really drain most of our energy.. so in order to recharge..we need food.

Very quickly.. we have our dinner. The food there is not half bad. Its better than the food that i ate it other tent house camp. XP

After that we had a short briefing about our camp but our coach/supervisors. My group which is group A was incharged by Faris and the other group was by Cydi. Faris dont want to name us bus A.. so, ask us to make up a name for our entire group.. finally we got one.. which is called..


Yes, we are awesome and we are epic! XD

It was a very short talk about what is going too happen for the next few days of the camp. Plus, Faris told us about the aim for this camp which is very semangat-ish. Then, there is another grouping session where we have to split ourselves again into 3 different groups consist of 12 ppl.

I was in Esther's group. (yes, esther group leader.) Kai Boon, Reuben, Max, Ysabelle, Xiau Wei, Wai Sin, Vania, Sien Dee and another 2 ppl which i dont really remember they names, are in Esther's group as well! XD The other groups are Cai Hong's group and Calvin's group.

Team Esther! XD

Team Esther+ Team Cai Hong+ Team Calvin = AWESOMELY EPIC!!
(keep that in mind.. XP)

After grouping ourselve into small groups, we began another activity. Faris gave us a paper and some colour pens for each group. The first group have to draw a head, the second needs to draw a body and the third group needs to draw a leg. In any of those part, we have to draw something that represent the whole group. Cai Hong's group got the head and Calvin's group got the body.

Our group was incharged of the legs. So Reuben did a quick sketching of a leg and the others we edit ourselves related to who we are. After drawing this and that.. we finished our picture and so does the others. After that we all have to present the draws and finally combine all parts together. Guess how did that turn out?

Yeap, thats what we get when we combine everything together. XD

Its an extremely funny picture. Head big, Body fit and Legs screwed up! XD Long story short, the whole body is screwed up. Faris asked us to give it a name.. at first is was going to be Gabin or Bob or something else.. out in the suddenly.. someone shouted my name.. after discussing with lots of humor we came out with a name for it.. it is called..


Yeap, half of the name is consist of my nick name. Alright Alright Alright i dun mind having the body and legs but the face is just ridiculous la! XD Oh well.. that picture is going to be on the wall for the whole 3 days. XD

Faris ended the talk early and asked us to sleep early. On the other hand, the other group's talk was far from done. They talk ended 1 hour later than us! D8 Yeap, Cydi was kinda long winded compared to Faris.

Back to our dorm, wash up and chillax for awhile..

Saiful's way of avoiding mosquitoes ear annoyance. XD
Dont be afaird.. its just Reuben with a touchlight. XD

We can hear girls screaming for the other side.. why? well its because there are insects crawling around the dorms.. so when girls saw that they might think its cockroach even know it is NOT a cockroach! XD One the other hand, the guys are hanging around, playing cards, talking..

Finally around 12am.. we decided to turn off the lights and sleep..

Time for bed~ Good Night..

Leadership Camp