Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Sup~ Hows everyone doing these days? XP

College life has been fine.. just a few things going on.. like promoting our HELP Prom, deciding whether to go for auditions, assignments, pokemon-ing and keeping in touch with friends.. Nothing going but..

Everyone is being alittle bit serious these days.. Not just college friends, lectures, my family.. even my dog is getting a little bit grumpy these days. (i really dunno why..)

Not all my friends are getting serious.. only some of them.. mayb its cause all the assignments are coming in like waterfall waters and there are other things to be plan like prom or orientation stuffs or something. Well, i believe everything will get well soon.. this wont last long.. after finals, everything should be back again.. X)

Everyone.. HANG IN THERE!! XD

On the lectures side.. there are also a little bit grumpy.. Ms.Sharmila and Mr.Siva are acting extra serious these days.. that one i really dont know the reason.. the only really chilling on was Ms.Tay. Shes in a pretty good mood these days.. XD And class is great when shes in a good mood. X)

My family has been alittle bit serious as well.. it have nothing to do with my brother and my sister. But my parents are serious.. Mom as usual serious serious serious.. but My dad is the thing that is bothers me. Probably my mom's influence.. XD

My Dog? I said.. i really dont know.. mayb its like human... as human gets older, they become more grumpier.

Me? Well.. yes its true that there are busy stuffs with this and that.. but still im still chillaxing.. not being serious that much.. sometimes.. i think issit a bad thing or not? The only time when im serious is when im playing pokemon! XD

Im just a carefree guy..

I believe.. when finals is over.. then everything will be just fine. X)