Thursday, July 22, 2010

Leadership Camp (Day 2)

Sorry it took me soooo long to do this post. Cause this post is REALLY REALLY LONG!! Plus, i wanna write it in very very much detailed. So, Good luck reading it! XD

Our second day begins.. What we are going to do today is going to Gua Tempurung and doing High Rops Climbing. Its going to be an exciting day..

Calvin Tan woke us up with his trumpet.. (looks like a trumpet but its not a trumpet.. XD) I never knew that waking up with a trumpet is more refreshing.. i dunno why. I dont feel annoyed at all! 8D Mayb cause last night we all had a good night sleep.. XP

Im surprise that last night i dont feel hot at all! infact, i felt extremely cold that i need to use a blanket for it! D8 Mayb it cause of the rain last night or something.. XP

First thing first.. we all head to the cafeteria and had our breakfast. Like i said.. the food there is great. What we all ate there.. is really some breakfast! Totally filling! XD

Everyone looking dead tired in the morning..

Well at least someone is already entertaining us! XD

After the filling breakfast.. we had our first game which is eagle catching chicken game.. Get it? The one that we all used to play in primary school where one person will stand infront to take care of everyone behide him/her. So, the game was Bus A VS Bus B. AKA...

Team Awesomely Epic VS Team United Monstrous Monster (UMM)!

At first, our team decided to all gang bang all the UMM's group first only fight among ourselves.. Turns out strategy failed. We got ganbanged instead! DX At least, Esther's team was the last one standing! XD

Then we have to split ourselves again to begin out next journey which is going to Gua Tempurung. Therefore, Bus B (UMM) will not be following our trip.. they will but just different time.

The interesting part about this journey is that we have a very adventurous ride with the lorries! 8D Yeap, we stood behide the back of the lorry for the whole journey! Freaking amazing.. its actually waaaay better than sitting inside the bus which was freaking hot! XD But as a tall guys.. standing i

Since we are going into the water.. I cant being my hand phone along right? Yeah its a cheap phone but still its precious to me! XD Therefore, no pictures for this whole adventure.

After a short lorry ride, we reached that place. We have to wear some safety helmets to protect our heads in the tunnel. At first, i think what for? I mean.. its just a tunnel but the helmets do looked pretty cool.. so its worth wearing i guess. XD

The place looked pretty familiar.. Its like i've been there before or something.. dejavu~ D8

The tour guides (or whatever u call them) in Gua Tempurung showed us around. Looking at the amazing forms and shape that the rocks (or whatever u call them) have become after the past decades. We can see cat's face, women's face, cow face, chicken wings.. etc.. all ,made up by the nature! Amazing..

It was a long walk in gua tempurung, we have to walk up the stairs and then go down the stair.. and then for some reasons.. go up again! XD

When the guy show us a shape of a pregnant women, i suddenly recall.. I ACTUALLY BEEN TO THAT PLACE BEFORE!!! D8 Yeap, i remember going there in a school trip with Tarvin and Gloria. Everything starts to make sense now! No wonder im familiar with that place! XD But i dont remember us wearing helmets... o.O

Then, have a slide with no protections at all! Yeap, i swear that i've did that slide before and i remember I was the one at the bottom support the others which is coming down with Tarvin. (wow.. some good memory i have. XD)

The Slide was epicly FUN as well... it was my second time but im still afaird of it! XD But you should have seen the other's face.. Scary.. not because they looked scared of something its because some of them coming down laughing very hard! XD

After the slides.. its off to the waters! There are lots and LOTS of rocks which can easily hit our head. But if it werent for the helmets.. I'll be dead like THREE times already! XD Now, who says that being tall is all great!?

Me and the whole group continue to walk and crawl through the gua tempurung.. the whole crawling was very familiar to me.. but just that this time i was not so alert compared to my last visit there. I hit my head around 3~4 times throughout that journey. Pain.. but yet funny.. XD

The whole journey was great.. lots of exercising involve.. but we manage to get out from the gua tempurung, we all just sit down at an area where the waters are clear and cold just to chillax.. (It was after all our hard assignment work week anyways..) Ahhhh~ just feel great..

Enough chillaxing and time to head back to the camp site to refresh ourselves.. The same lorry journey and also almost the same ppl in the same lorry as well. Once, we all headed back, get changed and just lye down and chill our self again. It was fun but tiring.. I even took a short nap there!

Once UMM got back from their gua tempurung journey, we begin our lunch. Food tastes specially nice when your hungry.. so yeah.. XP

After lunch.. its time for some High Ropes! Our bus group is going for High Ropes and UMM is going for Water Rafting.. Yeap, its like two different camps.. oh well, we cant do anything about it anyways..

We wore the same helmets and sat the same lorry there as well but this time, our journey was a little bit more epic that the one before.. The one have trees and branches can that hit your face and head. All of us will have to bend down where the trees are coming.. especially the tall ones.. well for the short one, they dont need to do that much.. XD

The journey that was long and more entertaining there as well. We get to see lots about the nature.. and something funny happened during that journey since we passed by alot of trees.

During the journey, I saw a tree with green colour fruits.. it was pretty far away but the shape of the fruit looked familiar.. looks more like a manggo from far.. so i shouted..


When the lorry gets closer to the tree.. the fruits was not manggo.. its PAPAYA. And everyone game me a quick cock stare and then laughed.. Everyone went..


Yeap, its true that its a papaya but still i denied.. XP Max was like 'Its sooo freaking obvious that tis a papaya tree!? You sure you kampung boy ah!? XD' You watch out Max.. watch out..

Took some pictures during the lorry journey..

This is reaally random.. XD See the red round thing infront of me? Thats Kaiboon. XD

Look at everyone's happy faces! (yeap, kaiboon was still infront. XD)

Finally we reached High Ropes.. When everyone just got there, they saw all the freaking high and tall ropes. 15 feet off the ground.. imagine that man! XD Most of them are like.. 'I dont wanna do anymore!!!' and some of us are like 'YESSSSHHHHH!!!'

Before we head to the ropes climbing and everything.. We have a little game for ourselves. Apek thinks that working out right after eating is not healthy. We have this human charged game.. its pretty complicated to explain there but its freaking nice..

Gather around in circles.

Then we have to do some charge up post like how its shown above.

Simple.. One person charges and other two person beside you must point at you and charge. When you think you are done charging point at another person and that person with the two person beside him/her have to do the same thing again. If slow and wrong, you have to get draw at the face.

Its a pretty lame game but its freaking fun to play! XD Saiful and Dex keep getting drawn.. that is because they keep pointing at each other.. whats really funny abt it is that both of them are standing beside each other! XD

Last round.. and the person who got the last well get drawn by EVERYONE there. XD Pretty interesting eh? Saiful and Dex are still shooting at each other.. Ian which is on the other side of Dex was day dreaming.. Then Dex just suddenly point at Ian!!! Ian was too slow to react cause he didnt know about it. Finally, Ian got drawn by everyone there..

This is how Ian looked like..

This is how Ysabelle look like.. well she wants to take a picture just for the fun la. XD

After that Apek begins to teach us how to put the gadgets which a freaking SAVE OUR LIFES!! Yeap, those things that we are gonna wear like an underwear is our life saver! XD Well, sure its complicated when you wear it and its gonna hurt when u got hanged there. DX

This is how we looked like after wearing.

Everyone setting up the equipments..

Finally, we are all ready to go for the High Ropes but before that Apek thinks that we need to do a little bit of practise.. So we did a small exercise and practise which was just 15cm off the group. Sure its a little bit of time wasting but its still important. XP

After we all did the small exercise.. go for the High Ropes. There are 3 different courses in the area. First one which is called Rock 1 which is just a simple rock climbing.. seoncd one is called Rock 2, which is more rock climb but with a little few extra obstacle. Finally the most extreme one..Tree Three.. which consist of 5 parts in the course. Since its sooo extreme, Apek decided to demo it for us.

First part of Tree Three is like climbing up stair but just that its slightly harder cause u have to step on metal poles instead of stairs. (you have something to hold to pull urself up.) Second, its a wood hanging pathway.. what makes this part scary is that u have nothing to hold on to but only the string which supports u and around the end of the pathway u have to swing across like a tarzan in order to cross.. Third, its just another wood hanging walkway but this wood are hang in different heights, up down up down like that. So you have to stretch here and there in order to cross. (you have something to hold on so its easier the the last one.) Fourth, its basicly a slide which u have a platform to step on and u have to slide across the other side to pass. Plus u have something to hold.. Finally, the fifth part is a flyingfox. Finish..

Apek was fast when he did the demo.. the first part it took him around 1 mins to finish it. But the second part was slowed down cause there are TONS OF ANTS and he have a hard time setting up. The others was done easily and professionally. After watching Apek, me and Max are pretty pumped up and excited to do it.

We have to split ourselves into our respective groups again. Esther's group was the third group among the 3 groups there. So, we get to do the Tree Three first! 8D WOOHOOOO!!! Since me and Max are excited to do it.. we both wanted to go first. Max went up first.. and follow on by me.. Doing the first part already took me around 5~10mins already! Compared to what Apek did, ours are like Heaven and Hell.

After finishing the first part, I looked up to hook my support string on to the cable and I saw TONS of ANTS on it!!! The cable was like a bridge to them. One by one started dropping on me.. and start crawling around me causing my speed to slow down and loss focus. I think there was like a whole family on my head having dinner there it think. XD

Thanks to the ants inside and outside of my body I was slowed down.. making the second part of the course difficult for me. When I reached the end of the second part, an ant felled INTO MY EYE!! But i manage to get it out.. nothing much.. I can still see. XP

After third, the amount of ants are lesser compared to the one at the second part. Third part was easy.. and so is fourth and finally fifth.. When i was sliding down the flyingfox i did a kung-fu kick post which are freaking amazing.. Yes, it was my first time doing the flyingfox. X)

I decided to take picture of the others who were behide of me. XP

Max, this was taken before i started the High Ropes.

Wai Sin having a hard time crossing the Tarzan Part.

XiauWei climbing the first part of the High Ropes.

Ms.Sangeetha sliding down from the flyingfox.

Now, shes unequiping the strings attached to her.

Guess who??

Its Mr.Radhi! (I called him my Murali. XP)

Then, after everything.. Me and Max head to the next part which was Rock One. Basicly.. its just rock climbing.. nothing much of a challenge.. Since me and Max have long legs, doing it was a piece a cake for us. (KaiBoon got lost search for Rock One. XD)

Next, me and Max head to Rock Two was a slightly most difficult than Rock One.. but still compared to Tree Three.. it was nothing...

Max trying to balance himself while climbing..

He manage to balance himself and does his signature post. XD

While climbing Rock Two, it suddenly rained.. so we all have quickly finish it up and head back to camp. In the end, only me, Max and KaiBoon finished all the three courses.. WOOHOOO!! XD

There was only one lorry reached to pick us up. So the first bunch of people went up the lorry and head back first while the others stayed back and chillax with the rain..

Suddenly, Faris and Apek started doing some movements.. as if there as something dangerous there. Everyone around them are shocked and started to panic. And yes.. something dangerous is really there! A HUGE CENTIPEDE! As in.. HUGE! No kidding!

Both Faris and Apek started chasing the thing like they are chasing for some chicken or something.. Sure it was a wrong time to think that its funny but really.. u shud see their actions when they are trying to catch the centipede. XD

Finally with some whack with a wooden stick.. the centipede is dead.. Im not really sure whether its dead or not cause its still moving a little bit. So Apek decided to whack it a few more times!


Now im pretty sure that its dead.. but then Apek still continues to kill it. This time he uses the tip of the wooden stick to squeeze it! D8


Looking at him killing the centipede was pretty funny as well.. from what i hear is that he got bitten by the centipede. Thats why he wanted it to be dead soooooo badly.. After squeezing.. he drop the wooden stick and walk away.. we though that the show was over.. but then suddenly he can back with a huge rock and throw that the dead centipede! D8


Talk about OVERKILL!!! Now i really dunno that his really really MAD or is he just trying to entertain all of us there. XD If it is about the entertaining.. it believe he did a good job! XD

The lorry is here and we decided to head back to the camp and chillax.. The adventure back was pretty similiar to the one we get there. Still.. we got whip and smack on the our heads still.. It was painful.. Dex got a love bite at the neck by a tree! XD

Once we head back, we decided to take a shower.. and then wait for our dinner. We have lots of free time since its raining and UMMs havent come back from their water rafting yet.

When we entered our toilet cubicles and turn on the water.. we are like shouting.. FREAKING COOL!!!! Yes, the water is freaking cold!! But thats the best part of our showering.. XD

The other teams arrived and we all had our dinner.. YUM! YUM! YUM!!! if im not wrong.. we had some good chickens to eat for that dinner.. I had two chickens thanks to Saiful! XD

Random.. Calvin is a cat lover.. XD

After filling our tummies.. its time for another talk by Faris.. Faris's talks are always short, simple and entertaining.. so i dont mind listening to him! XD First, we have a briefing of what we are going to have tomorrow.. and the only activity was River Rafting! That already begin to pump us up! XD

Next, we have a activity where he gave us some different different colour strings.. and we have to make a chart of the whole journey we had so far. That activity was fun cause we get to interact with our group member as discuss.. we discussed soooo much that we were the last one to finish it. XP Then, we have to present our chart. And our presenter.. KaiBoon. XP

Next each one of us are givin a rope and we are have to use it and make out something that we want to bring back after this game. (see, i told u the activity are interesting.. XD)

Here's reuben's one which i find is the best looking one among all. XD

And this is mine.. can you tell what issit?? XP (answer: Shaking hands..)

After this activity.. its time to head back to the dorm.. and chillax.. but UMM's group talk is still on.. so we cant really chillax with all our friends.. DX Some of the girls decided to come to our dorms and play cards or talk a little bit...

Dex suddenly turned horny.. he suddenly started craving for.. errr.. BELLY BUTTONS!? 3 days without his girlfriend, the sex rave decided to react. XD He targetted Max to be his bellybutton victim.. XD

You really dont want to know what happening there.. XD

In the end, Dex was no match for Max and he lost. XD

Reuben and SienDee are enjoying the 'Gay Porn' which was just right infront of them. Whats worst is that they both didnt even wanted to help at all! XD

After UMM finished their talks.. we decided to head to the cafeteria and have a chillax talk among each other...

Ever seen a white teletaby?? (screw the spellings!)

We have to head back to our dorm at 12am.. cause they will start locking up the places.. so we all head back to our dorm and just sleep it off..