Thursday, July 1, 2010

Im just keep Myself Busy

Hey guys! Hows everyone doing?? X)

Really sorry that I've not been updating my blog.. Probably wasted some of ur energy to press or type the link or wasted some of time loading the page. BUT I have reasons! As people called me.. Im the King of Reasons/Excuses. XD But seriously.. i have reasons..

1. I have been busy with assignments..

2. God Eater is soooo freaking addictive.

3. Working on fund raising events.

4. Im very lazy... XD

5. Facing lots of dramas around me...

Dont worry... no matter how busy I am.. Im still going to blog about stuffs since Im such a lifeless person and this is the only place where i can express myself. XP

Let's just go one by one and explain what is going on...

1. For the assignment sections... I have Internet Principle which is creating my own website, Advance English's term paper and also Moral Studies' video presentation. Im done with Internet principles but the other i havent really started with it. XP

Mr.Siva thinks my website is interesting! 8D Yeap, im happy about it.. beside the website is done within 3 days. XP

2. God Eater is freaking addictive.. Although i get very frustrated with it sometimes.. but i still get addicted to it! XD Its like im playing Monster Hunter all over again! But just that this one is more interesting..

3. I have volunteer myself to be in charge of fund raising event for social sphere. Well its and interesting job but its also requires a lot of brain storming for ideas and also a little but of hard work effort. No worries i got Faris and Max and the others to help me out.. so this should be interesting.. XP

4. Do I really need to explain why am i lazy? XD

5. Dramas.. Hrm.. this drama is just something like the dramas i had in high school but just that his one is more dramatic.. high school is not that big at all..

I going to say this all out!! Aint gonna repeat myself again!

To be honest.. I dont really care no more. Well even know it gets into my nerves sometimes.. but still really.. i dont care.. Im sick and tired of changing myself to this and to that.. really! I am who i am.. and you know what? I like me, so if you dont then leave me alone! Why bother so much? No one has the right to say that I not good or not too good for them!

What you see is What you get!

My brother and sister told me before that in college, people will face more dramas.. Yeah, i remember that.. and im ready for it! Cause seriously.. this is not the first time it has ever happened to me. X)

I aint going to start any drama as well.. cause seriously.. for what? Somethings are just better if you leave it alone and dont care..

To the people who are involved in this drama.. Think really carefully and ask urself.. Why should we bother doing such retarded things? Why must be have haters and likers? Why must people cause such dramas among each other? Will it bring benefit to yourself? Will the actions bring benefit to everyone else? Just think about for a second..

This is College life.. its the time to have FUN! XD

Yeah, Im busy.. busy hardcoring English Term Paper and also God Eater! XD

Last minute is always my kind of style.. XD