Thursday, July 15, 2010

Whats Up Lately?

Yeap.. this is the 3rd post for today.. XP

So hows everyone doing these days? Stress? Relaxed? Screwed Up? XP

I have been wearing a Beanie to college lately these days.. this is because Im lazy to put on gel, wax or cream on my hair.. Plus i dont really know how to style my hair. So.. what the point? And thanks to my sister, i manage to bought that awesome beanie from a RM5 in 1U. XP

Everybody loves beanie.. XP Yeah its true.. Everyone in campus wants to wear beanie.. well mayb its cause it makes them look cool or cute.. bah either one way or another.

I find girls with beanie extremely cute or pretty.. XP

College has been great.. so far its going fine.. drama rate has reduce alot.. well for me la.. but i dunno abt the others.. And like the kepo-ness in me, im going to know whats going with some of them and im gonna help them to sort the shyt out..

but sometimes i think.. whats the point of wanting to help people if you dont have the strength to do so.. You have to learn how to save urself only learn how to save others. (wow.. words of wisdom.. XD)

I have to go for a camp tomorrow. A camp where all foundation students in HELP have to go. So i will be gone for a 3 days and 2 night. So miss me alots yeah? XP

Whats interesting about this camp is most of my friends are going to the camp! XD

Really friends.. and family.. LETS DO THIS! XD