Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Just Yappin~

Just like before. After 2 blog post about video is back to reality with my lifes. Thats the whole point my blog is for actually. XP

To be honest, I got nothing to talk about. XP Im just bloggin for the sake of bloggin. Nawww.. Im bloggin for the sake of entertainment.. No wait! Im bloggin for the sake of burning time!! AHAH!! Perfect! (See how lifeless am I?)

Holidays are great.. its a good time to relax. But Im just relaxing in wrong way.. Yes, Staying at home.. doing pratically NOTHING is a wrong way of relaxing!! (for me la, since im a guy who cannot sit still. XP)

Okay beside doing covers and memorizing chords/lyrics la.. those are like the only exceptions. XP

Well i did do something thinking during the holidays about fundraising event.. but after a few minutes later.. I totally forgotten what the idea was already. XP

Whats the things that most guys like to do during holidays? Gaming.. Of course as a very normal guy, i did play some games.. FF3, FF4, and Persona 3. Find any similarities in these games? Yes, they do.. they all have the same battling system.. which means im like playing the same game over and over again but just in a different character, graphic and storyline. So far.. Persona is best! XP

I have been getting alot of ideas of making my covers more and more interesting. The best idea is asking some famous ppl to make covers with me or find some of my friends who can really sing to record covers with me.. Pretty great ideas huh? (nah, they are actually very common nowathesedays.)

I tried asking some famous ppl like David Choi, Julia Sheer, Janice and Sonia, Tyler Wards.. its seems that I was OVER THE CLOUDS. Its pretty impossible to ask them to do a cover with me since they all life like another side of the world. I have been waiting for replies for almost a month now and still no replies. DX All along a good try..

The only one who reply me was.. Eriel. Which is practically DAYUM good! If she replies my next message.. I'll see what cover can i do with her. XP (wish me luck~)

Next, I did ask some of my friend from choir and college to help me out. And thankfully, most of them replied my message and agreed to help. But the thing is most of them are not free when i am free.. like now.. im sitting here typing some blog and they are probably studying for their finals or something. XP

God Im soooo bored that i cant stop making craps out of my brain..

Do you want me to stop?



Nah, im still gonna stop. XP

Thank you for your time reading.. I promise that im not gonna make a blog post like this ever again. (Dont mark my words.. XD)