Monday, August 30, 2010

Another Extra Semester

Yeah, you saw the words at the title.. I have to stay for another semester of my college life.. X(

Why do I have to stay for another semester.. Well lets just say that i made a extremely STUPID mistake. HUGE HUGE mistake.. Heres what happened..

A students need to pass 11 subjects in order to pass foundation. (7 core subjects and 4 electives) Each sem a student can only take maximum 4 subjects. They can only take 5 subjects if they are taking LAN subjects. (Malaysian Studies and Moral Studies). LAN subjects are not included in passing foundation. (remember that) So, is my explanations clear enough? Alright then heres the real thing.. (If you fail 2 a subject twice, then you will have to retake another sem.. keep that in mind)

My 1st sem I took 4 subjects.. I was suppose to take Malaysian Studies but i didnt know about it. (mistake number one) But its not really a big deal cause they say that i can take it during my 3rd semester. Okay.. So my four subjects are Intermediate English, Study Skills, Computer Principles and Calculus. (that time i was still a science student)

If you guys have been reading my blog.. then you all should know whats my results.. I passed 3 of my subjects and failed one which is my calculus. (mistake number two) Therefore, 3 subjects down 8 more subjects to go.

When second semester comes in.. I change my course into foundation in arts. So that i wont have to take that tough calculus again. But I have to take finite maths instead of calculus. Not a big deal.. So, my 2nd semester I have to take another 4 subjects. I took Advance English, Critical Thinking Skills, Internet Principles and Moral Studies.

Like i said before.. LAN subjects such as Moral Studies are not compulsory for passing foundation.. At least that what i thought at first.. So i stupidly went and took moral studies and have no intention to ask around whether am I suppose to take or not.. (mistake three and four)

I have/need to take 5 more subjects to pass my semester.. but I only can take 4 subjects for my 3rd sem.. so that lead to what? Another extra semester for me..

To be honest.. stay for another semester is not a problem for me.. its no big deal for me. but if the semester is like 10 months per sem, (like my brother's course) then i will cry so hard that the amount of tears coming out from my eyes is as much as the amazon river! XD (just something to break the tension..)

I have decided to take Finite Maths as my final/extra semester subject.. and i think i will take Malaysian studies as well.. so that i wont go to college sooo lifeless just for one subject. XD I think the march intakers will take malaysian studies as well..

Okay.. i have set my aim and my goal and faced my fate.. but now the only thing is.. I have to tell my mom.. and telling her is like the scariest thing of all!! D8

Alright here I go... wish me luck..





Actually before i wrote this post i already told her and I knew the results already. DX

Wanna know what happened? Stay tune la! XP