Monday, August 16, 2010

Know how It Feels

Since I have been only posting about videos, videos and videos these days.. I decided to make a decent blog post this time. XP

I finally know the feeling when someone is posting something in facebook/blogs/anywhere! about something that you hate and feel disgusted by just looking at it..

This few days.. or should I said weeks.. was a great experience for my own.. (yes, it has been going on for a pretty long time.. XP)

Calvin Tan.. I finally really know how you feel.. X)

To be honest.. i dont feel a thing when i post about stuffs like that.. I totally ignore the fact that how people will feel about that wall post/status. and When people start posting an 'undirectly reply' of my particular wall post/status. I felt very angry.. (to be honest.. I was very angry!!)

But I was very inconsiderate.. I totally didnt know how that person feels.. Until.. I was placed into the same situation as he/she is in..

If you dont really get what Im trying to say? Then let me show you guys a few examples...

Lets say your are in a state of being very emotional and its like your about to cry or something.. But you manage to control your emotions.. Then suddenly, someone posted a status which is soooo emo that will make you wanted to cry. How does that feel? Will you feel like calling that person to shut up?

Heres another examples...

Your a single guy who just got rejected by this girl.. This girl is in a relationship with another guy. Instead of sms/msn/skyping or something else to communicate to each other.. they both choose to send each other love messages through facebook where everyone else can see.. Will you feel jealous or something?

I think that last one should be good enough to understand what im trying to say. XP

At first, some people will feel okay about.. but as it gets more and more and more.. its starting to get very very annoying.. and Some of them will intent to burst out!! And then they will start writting indirectly comments about that particular status/ wall post. (Like what im doing now.)

When you receive such kind of things.. you will think that.. that person is a jackass and is not being very considerate about what your doing.. But the truth is.. the whole thing is just another way around..

How will you feel if your in their state? In their condition? In their shoes? Will you feel the same way like they did? What will you do??

In critical thinking skills.. we should have learn that is EMPATHY!!

Yes, i was one of the people who post status and comments in facebook which are inconsiderate about others.. I like to comment about things which are very emotional.. For what i have done..

I sincerely apologize..

Im not asking for forgive-ness.. As i know now what im getting and facing are all a comeback.. I think i deserve to be punish a little bit.. XP

What happen to me? Its secret.. wanna clue? Listen to the song 'That Should Be Me' by Justin Bieber. XP That should be a big enough to explain what is going on to me..

To be honest.. This experience teached me not to be so inconsiderate.. and to think twice before saying or doing something.. cause it might hurt someone.

Im still practising.. So bear with me okay? X)