Monday, August 16, 2010

Stand By Me Acoustic Cover

Like i said from the previous post.. Im already in the making of another cover. Since 'Battlefield' was so difficult to cover, I decided to make this next one simple.. So i choose 'Stand By Me' by Ben A King. XP

I wanted to do this cover for a very long time already. To be honest, it was back then when Mike and Kaiyuan were doing this cover with me guitaring.. I already have the thought of doing it already. But just that during that time i dont know the lyrics. XP

Oh well I hope you guys enjoy my cover. XP

I cant really heard the Bom~Bom~Bom~ part.. Can you guys hear it? o.O

Like always.. Leave your comments on youtube and 'like' this video if you guys like this cover. Subscribe my youtube account if you guys wanna listen to more covers. XP Basicly, just do everything in youtube. XP (you can leave your comments here if you dont have a youtube account. XP)

Im already having a thought of my next video cover.. XP