Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Brick By Boring Brick Acoustic Cover

Yes another video cover post. Im starting to post videos in my blog instead of sharing it in facebook. (unless someone helps me to share then its s totally different story. *winks* XD)

This one is a pretty tough one.. Yes, Paramore's Brick by Boring Brick. Its a very common song to be covered on youtube. You can find this cover anywhere in youtube, just type there and ur see TONS of cover. Even though its common and tough, i still want to make this cover.. XP

I was actually inspired by this girl named Eriel to make this cover. Her Brick by Boring Brick was good! Pretty awesome i should say. Whats REALLY important is that shes cute.. XP (at least thats what Faris thinks..)

*You find her blogspot link in my friend list. Feel free to check it out.

Back to my cover~ Hope you guys like it..

Yes, the chords is different from the original. Its paramore!! I definitely cannot reach her pitch. XP Therefore, i place capo again to tune it into my voice range and walah! This cover, i made a little bit of my own arrangement.. A little bit different from original.. just abit..

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Im deciding to do another Paramore cover.. But this time i need help.. and i just found the prefect person to make the cover with..

Stay tune~ XP