Friday, December 21, 2007

Justin's Gathering

Today (21/12) Justin is inviting some of us to his little gathering. Why? Cos today is the day before his Birthday day!! So he mind as well put up a little gathering of us to celebrate. But of course we're not celebrating his b'day today. Heres how the gathering goes..

Around 1.30pm, Justin called us to meet up at the Curve. I was inform that we have to meet up at Starbucks. When Justin found me the others are there already. The others are, JohnWong, MunWai, CheeWei, YanLeng, Charmaine. I have to admit is the people there are almost the same people in the Teens Camp. Why so little people? The same thing happend in Teens camp as well. All FFK us! Haiz...

Then we head to Big Apple and have a few donuts. While we are going to Big Apple, YanLeng kinda unable to spot me. I was just right Infront of her! Haiz... cannot blame larh.. Turtles are not very observan. XD After we arrive at Big Apple, Leon arrive! Justin receive some present, and mostly are just hats. Very normal thing.. MunWai gave him a shirt which is something special and diffrent with the others. But Leon gave him something EVEN special! But I dun think i should talk abt it right here.. cos is kinda.. erm.. aiya ask the others which are there la! XD

After that we head to have a little snooker game! But we kinda have a little split up before we head for the snooker game. MunWai decided to join YanLeng and Charmaine. So that means its just Me, John, Justin, CheeWei and Leon will be going for snooker. The game plan goes like this. Leon will not be playing with us so this means it will be a 2 on 2 game play. 2 on one table and 2 on another table. The loser will fight with the loser on the other table. So me versus CheeWei first and Justin versus John.

CheeWei says that he is a noob in snooker. But nooooooo! His PRO!! That guy kinda trash me! Haiz this means i lose for the firsr game. On the other side John loses to Justin. Round 2, Me versus John and Justin versus CheeWei. Again i got trash by John. (man i suck in snooker!) CheeWei beat Justin on the other side. Round 3, Me versus Justin and John versus CheeWei.

My game with Justin is kinda funny. At first we are suppose to break the balls around the corner. Im the one that was suppose to break. While i was having my aim adi, Justin suddenly shouted "Waaaa!! Pro!!" I begin to laugh and lose my aiming. The ball that i hit bounce up and go through all of the ball without hiting it! I call Justin to give me another chance. The game continue and I finally win! Justin accidentally hitted the black ball into the hole! Haha! Morron! XD

Then we go down and meet up with the others. We found MunWai, YanLeng, Charmaine and another person! Sze Mei! What a surpise! *yawn* (not..) Like usual Sze Mei is always late. But too bad we meet Sze Mei but YanLeng GTG adi.. Nooooo Turtle stay!! XD Since there are still some time, we decided to go for a little bowling game.

Charmaine and SzeMei is not joining us. So it still the same people above but this time MunWai joined along! Yeah! XD John is not playing cos his having his own sweet time playing PSP aside. So this means Me, Justin, CheeWei, MunWai and Leon will be playing. One word i have to say abt Justin's bowling skills... GAY! You should see how he shoots. First ball then he strike adi! D8 The others go pretty easy except ME!! I suck in snooker, now im suck in bowling as well! Arh! Since Justin's shooting is sooo gay. Me and CheeWei decided to help him have a little shooting. While Justin is taking his ball CheeWei help him to shoot and he helped him to score 3 points. Then CheeWei quickly grab Justin and I quick help him throw into longkang! I feel kinda bad doing it after that.. (sorry Justin.. Blame yurself for being so GAY! XD)

After that to the movie! Sze Mei is not joining us cos she having a date with her bf which i dun reli remember his name. CheeWei and MunWai is not following us cos they GTG adi.. Left Me, Justin, John, Charmaine and Leon. Today's show is "National Tresure -The Books of Secrets-" The movie rocks man! I love their solving puzzle thingy. Their IQ must be more than 300! D8

After the show we head to Italians to have our dinner. Sze Mei invited her bf with us. The dinner wasnt that great but expensive! After that we head back home. Justin father is fetching me home, so i must guide him to my house of course. Well I kinda forgotten that theres a shortcut to to my house. But i was afaird to tell him and he sorta scold me a little. I think.. End up at home sitting down here (beside my com) and bloggin and chat with Suelyn. XP

Before I leave i want to say a few words..