Friday, December 21, 2007

Kingdom Hearts News! XD

Another new Kingdom Hearts news to all my Kingdom Hearts friends outside there. Well to those who are no intrested in this you can skip this blog and read the old ones or you can "kepochi" in this title. I dun mind at all! XD

As you all knw that pokemon tcg (trading card game) has been created and so is digimon, masked rider, gundam, etc... But this time Square-Enix decided to create a fantasy of Kingdom Hearts in CARDS!! This means Kingdom Hearts tcg has been created! And of course its on sale in the internet now! I think it will still take somemore time to make in on sale in M'sia.

The game play is pretty easy to understand, but im kinda lazy to explain it right here. So there was this Kingdom Hearts tcg guide that i found it youtube. I will leave the teaching to the guide of course! XD

Pretty easy huh? Well is not very complicated at all. Still you all might have trouble a few questions. Like how many cards can i put in a deck? How many same cards can i put into a deck? What if i cant win the heartless that im fighthing? How can i heal my heart points? I cant really answer all the questions above, but the official website of KingdomHearts tcg can!

Time for some pictures of the cards.

Player card.

Something is diffrent? Well abt the Holloween Sora, its a promo card. So the type of the card i diffrent than the others. Of course there are other promo cards, but this is the only promo picture i can get.

Sora- Level 1- HP8 (4) (1)
Sora- Level 3- HP4 (6) (1)
H.Sora- Level 3- HP3 (1) (7)

Friend Card.

Aladdin- level 2- (+4) (3)
Goofy- level 3- (+6) (2)
Donald- level 3- (+4) (5)

Magical Friend Card

I dont think that magic friend card are very useful.. but i do have to agree that Simba is one of the best friend card i have ever seen! And so are the pros from the forum. Even knw i doesnt have speel points but it does add lots of attackpoint! XD
Simba- level 2,3,4- (+7) (0)

Attack Card
Attack cards are kinda useful as well. The more attack cards you have the more power it will add into yur player. Is something like a combo! Attack cards has special effects that can only be use when more than 1 same name attack card in play.
World Card

The world card is the most important card in the game. It will decideds you victory and yur chance of losing as well. Some world cards has special effect too but i dun really knw any of them. So my apolgise..

Dark Cards
Dark cards are also kinda useful in a game. The stronger dark cards are the faster you win the harder it takes for yur opponent to add another world card. Is best that you put average level dark cards in yur deck. Just incase that yur opponent puts a low level world in play.

Magic Card
Magic cards are one of the hardest that to use but it is also one of the most strongest card to use. As you knw, you need spell points to cast as magic which is not easy to obtain unless you put lots of supportive friend card in your deck. Some magic cards can yur player's Heart Points! But it depends on how many spell point you have to cast only.

Other Cards

Bambi- level 2- (+1) (0) -Magical Friend Card
Genie- level 2- (+7) (3) -Magical Friend Card
Soldier- level 2- power 7 -Dark Card
Ariel- level 1- (+4) (2) -Friend Card
Goofy- level 1- (+4) (0) -Friend Card
Donald- level 1- (+2) (3) -Friend Card

Thats all for the new Kingdom Hearts infomation that i can get abt Kingdom Hearts. Im looking forward to get the cards when it is on sale in M'sia and if i could buy it with my own money $$$$$$.. sobs.. is kinda a waste but I LOVE KINGDOM HEARTS! XD
Hope you gus will join along and buy it with me. XD Till then ByeBye.
Before i leave..