Monday, December 24, 2007

How do I know You? (2)

Okay this is the second time i have been writing this title. The last one was last month, so is best that you check out loast month's blog to knw more. Like usual i will name four friends out and tell you guys how did i knw this people. So hope you guys would enjoy it! XD

Friend List: (2)
1. Pei Yin
2. Kai Shin
3. Darren Ng
4. Mun Wai

-Pei Yin-
I knw PeiYin this name for kinda long time but abt the person nope. This is how the story goes.. Last year which is a Subhuti class year in my Sunday School. I was still very naughty like usual. I will always kepochi in the attendence list, and started looking at people's names. I was always finding my name and every time i was going to find my name i always spotted PeiYin's name. She was a Tan too, so it wont be too far away from mine. That time i dun really care abt the name of hers. XP Cos i dun even knw who is this girl! XD

But this year every thing started. Tissa class begin to hold up this selling bookmark projects. Bro.Ronnie as us to split into a group with 3 guys and 3 girls. Well me, Justin, John are sticking to each other like usual but finding the girl group was kinda hard to pick. Like every single guy will pick, guys will comfirm to pick the pretty girls group. XP So we picked SueSan, SienDee, PeiYin as our group member. At first i dun really knw SienDee and PeiYin's name. XP The bookmark project begin, we walk all around the school, class to class, hall to hall and people to people. PeiYin as incharge to hold the money that we have collected so we called her Casher at first. XD PeiYin always disappears herself! D8 Everytime we try to find her, BOM! She just disappears! But everytime we spotted her, there are always $$$ cashs in her hands. In the end, we are the group which collected the most money for that day! XD

I asked SueSan whats both of the girl's name. At first i get SienDee's name but still i dun really get PeiYin's name (sorry PeiYin.. XP) Cos i cant really hear SueSan saying PeiYin's name, thus she just said Yin. I was like, whats that? issit something to eat? (sorry PeiYin.. XP) In the end, Justin spotted PeiYin's friendster and told me abt it and i finally knw that she was the PeiYin that i have been kepo-ing for the past 1 year! XD Pretty long story huh? XD This is not just how i kwn PeiYin but SienDee as well. XD But i wont be knwing both of them any longer cos im leaving sunday school already..

-Kai Shin-
Is been a long time ever since i knw KaiShin but ever single relationship must have a begining. So this the story way back to the 2004. It was standart 6 and i was having an english tuition class in Edu-Smart tuition center. Well as first i was always the same gang and people, but that particular year there are some new students joined in. Mayb is just because its UPSR year gua.. XD There are some girls joined in and one of them is KaiShin.

On my first impression, i was think that this girl looks familiar. Is like i have seen her before. She was having the same impression like I have. XP Both of us are in the same school! Oww.. i get it now! XD Both of us talked a lot in class. And we find out that we're both are Jolin Fans! XD (high 5 KaiShin! XD) Then the story goes on..

After UPSR we seem to have a little bit LOC (lack of contact) bacause she doesnt have MSN that time. But then, after a few months of resting, my form 1 generation begins! And coincidence-ly i spotted her! XD I great that we can see each other in school AGAIN. XD And then our story keeps on going.. until it ends at form 2, she was going to leave SMKTS (my school) and change to another school. I dun really talked to her that time cos there was a little fight between both of us.. XP But when she leaves, i was kinda.. sad..

At first i thought that this is how our story has ended.. but Nooooooooooooo we still can contact each other through MSN and Friendster! Yeay! XD Another good friend of mine that i alway keep in mind. XP To tell you all the truth, shes getting prrtty and prretier! (just being naughty here.. XP)

-Darren Ng-
This should be quick one.. i think... The story started last year. Me, Justin, Natenal, Michelle, Angela, and Audrey love to ponteng school boring activites and go to the cybers to have fun! (that was last time not now any more! XD) And we always go to a cyber called Inferno. We always play DOTA and O2jam those days. And our main game was MapleStory.

One day like usual, walking in a gang going to cyber and entered the cyber. On that day we we're playing DOTA. We we're lacked of one player, so Justin decided to add another guy from the other side of our sit. Thats guy was Darren. On my first impression, I thought that Darren was a very Quiet boy. But i understand that he wasnt really that quiet like he looks this year!

Darren was in the same classs like i am. Me, Justin and Darren sit togather behide like usual. So this was the year where i really knw Darren. We kinda get along very quickly i mean very very very very very Quickly!! Soon we started being "hengdais" We help each other in any kind of things, like cheating in exams, finding ways to go cybercafe, etc.. Ever since after PMR, we seem to LOC even in MSN, but still Darren is a nice knwing guy throught this year.. XD

This should be a quick one, i think.. It all startd back in the Subhuti days again. At first MunWai was a frontsitters, unlike now.. So my naughty and childish mind last year always thinks that frontsitters are mostly geeks. (sorry MunWai.. XP) Ohya!! SuiLun was one of them tooo! (sorry SuiLun.. XP) But i have proof myself that those words are wrong when its Tissa year.

MunWai was in the same class like us, Tissas. MunWai get along with people very quickly, something like Darren. When it was CFC camp, i knw him more.. (remeber MunWai abt yur little long story abt me! XD). I get along with MunWai even will and understanded him when it comes to sports day. (You should knw what happend that day yurself, MunWai) Until now we are also called good buddies as well. But too bad we cant knw each other any longer, im leaving sunday school adi..

I took me a long time to think abt how I knw him how I knw her. Xd But after brain stroming, i wont have to worry abt the people that i have written in here. XD I could always refer here and check out! XD Another "How do I knw You" title written. X) There could be more friends coming soon! But i could take another long time to brain storm. X( Haiz.. Till then Byebye! XD