Monday, December 24, 2007

Getting Married..

Getting married... Well Of course Im not the one getting married! Even knw i wish too.. XP This is the reason why i havent been bloggin lately. My cousin brother is getting married which is a wonderful thing to us! One, is we get to have another family line, two is we can get more little cousin to play with (if they are going to have a baby) three is of course, we can get extra angpou when is Chinese New Year! XD

As i can see, getting married is not an easy job. It takes lots n lots n lots n lots n lots of money and time to prepare. Thus they have to give angpou to the other younger ones. Other than that, they have to go here and go there and then give tea to who who and who, etc.. Lets just say it a long and busy hole day!

Getting married is a part of every humans lives.. Now we're still sitting back and watch the bride and bridegroom. But soon or later, we will the one stand on the stage pouring birs and cutting wedding cakes. XD