Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Pouring X'Mas

Christmas is finally here! Everybody around the world says that Christmas would be the best day of their lives! But i think those words are kinda wrong when its here in Malaysia. Who says that? I said that, cos my christmas was kinda.. how to say.. BAD.. Heres how my Christmas goes..

Early in the morning, dad wanted me to go and helped him but i refuse cos i dun feel like waking up that time, but luckily my brother subed me. So i get to have a long nap time.. After that it was around 10.30 i woke up.. I started on-ing the PS and started playing, i was getting bored of the game that i've been playing, so after 40minutes plus of playing i off the PS and head to the com and check out my blog.

I wanted to update a new post but i was out of ideas and dun really knw what to post out abt. My day is still not over so i dun wanna post what happend in such a short time of the day only. Im kinda lazy to brain storm that time, so i leave my blog and check out my friendster. Luckily some of my friend sended me some comments. I get to waste some time greeting other people Merry X'mas again again and again. After that i have nothing to do again. I off the computer and went downstair and check out is there any food to eat.

I opened the frige and nothing was there except some orange juice and some old left out food. I was lazy to even cook maggie mee! Back upstairs then. I watched some comics. After a long reading of comic i go down and get some chips and get back up again. Back on to the bed and started reading again. A few hours of reading i felt asleep.. ZzZzZzZzZz................

Woke up and it was around 5.30+ already. YES! The perfect time for basketball! XD I get out from the house riding my bike and off to the basketball court behide my house. I reach there and there are lots lots lots lots lots of basketball players there! I reach there and my tummy begin to voice out. CK gave a good greeting and ask me what happend. I told him abt my tummy and luckily CK baked some cookies for everyone! Wait a minute.. CheeKay!! Baking COOKIES!! WOW! Thats is just rare! Mayb he was bored and he baked some cookies just to waste some time. I have to tell you those cookie are DELICOUS!! This is the best guy made cookie i ever ate in my life! XD Mayb i was hungry thats why is delicous.. XP

It was our turn to play! YES!! I wasnt really full charge or fully awake yet. So i was a little clumsy in the game. Thus i was very tired even without my shoes! D8 I not been playing basketball for days and my basketball skills are getting weaker! D8 The first game was a warm up to me, so the second game im going serious! Xd But when the second game started, it started to rain.. The stopped everything.. I was very angry and feel like saying "F*CK You rain!". My Christmas wasnt in a huge hail! But hail are not ice but WATER! X(

I cycle home in a soak wet condition. But nvm is not the first time going home in wet conditions. XD Jeffrey my friend of mine talked to me a little on our way home. I told him that im lack of PS games. He was kind enough to buy for me some new game cos he was going to Tesco! XD Those words brighten up my day... *angel on the head* Thank you Jeffrey!!! Even knw i only have a few more days playing with the PS but still i wont waste my time anymore! XD

Thats night nothing really much happend. The same thing happended, no food.. I've been force to cook my own maggie mee! Kesian betul.. haiz.. eating maggie mee with fish ball in Christmas.. I thought that christmas was suppose to eat turkey! Veggie or something that is just much better than maggie mee! My mom and Dad? They went and have their honey moon some where else cos its their 20th aniversary today. My brother? Went out with his friends to celebrate X'mas i think.Lucky them.. Me and my sis has to stay at home and do NOTHING!

There goes my X'mas and it going to end just like *snap* that. My Christmas was a totally diffrent thing compare to the others. I just wish that the coming Christmas in future would be alot better than this years one..

This years Christmas gifts:
- CK's cookies? XD
- Jeffrey's PS games! This is the best!

Nothing much anymore. One pouring Christmas this year... I've been asking a few friends in MSN for presents. But all of their answer like "You give me first la!" or even better! "Ask from JinHwei la!" There are 3 people keep saying the same answer today! I dun wanna say names! *pointed at GloriaChan, JustinLee and SuiLun* I wish that things would get better when is PMR results..

May lord Buddha be with everyone! Pray hard peeps!
Azzzz For EveryOne!!