Tuesday, December 25, 2007

1 Day After X'mas

Today the 1 day after Christmas! Even know i didnt really receive any present in Christmas. But i receive present today! WoooHooo!! XD Remember i told you all in the last post (Pouring X'mas) If you dun knw anything please refer back la. XD

Like i said in the last post, Jeffrey is going to help me buy some PS games. I called him to help me to buy Brave Fencer Musashi and Digimon world 2. I was aiming at Brave Fencer Musashi but unfortunatly there are not any for sale anymore. So Jeffrey just helped me buy Digimon World 2. Aihz... X(

-Brave Fencer Musashi- PS1

NOTE: Look at this picture carefully! If you spot any game that looks just like this one! Please help to buy! Or if you HAVE this game, please lend it to me!! I want to play it deperatly! Xd

When i went any pick up the game, i went to the basketball court again. I wanted to have a little game there first before i go Jeffrey's house. Thus, Jeffrey was in the basketball court as well! XD After Christmas the weather still havent seem to change. We're playing half road the suddenly rain again! Aihz.. here we go again.. X(

Since it raining, i will be heading to Jeffrey's house to get my game and also stop by at his house for a moment. He has a PS2 in his house! I feel like stealing it away from him! XD Just joking. We first play Digimon World 4! I have exprience in platying Digimon World 4. Still i prefere to play Digimon World 2 or 3 better.

After that is time for Kingdom Hearts! XD One of my fav and pro-est games in history! Well Jeffrey and his brother which is Jonathan cant really croos Ice Titan and Sephiroth. They said their level are still low.. Level 74 is low?? Pui!!! I helped them crossover Sephiroth and Ice Titan already! And even helped them to obtain Goofy's ultimate weapon, Save the King. Who says that level 74 is low!? XD

After that we have a little bit of fight with the final boss, Ansem. We defeated him easily! After that, Jeffrey wanted to see the Secret ending after the game. We sawed the secret ending but it wasnt really nice. I told them that they get to watch in youtube! We head to the computer and entered youtube. We found the video but i was unable to load! D8 Too bad for them..

So as a friend i will post out the secrets ending that you all wanted to watch. This includes Kingdom Hearts II FM+ secret ending as well. If you all wanted to kepochi inside here i dun mind! XD Enjoy it peeps!

Kingdom Hearts -Deep Dive-

Okay let me reveal who is who, since KH2 is already out. The guy in black cloak, holding two keyblades are NOT Sora but Roxas! The guy blind folded and in black cloak is Riku. The place is NOT Traveres Town but is called The World That Never Was. Play Kingdom Hearts 2 to know more about it! XP

Kingdom Hearts -Birth By Sleep-

Im not kinda sure abt this secret ending. But i can tell you all a little bit of it. The armor figure that was the first one that strike the old man is called Ven. The next armor is the armor that fight with the old man's doppleganger or should i say the girl with cute looking face XP and blue short hair. Thats girl is called Aqua. Finally the armor figure that got frozen by the old man. Thats is NOT Roxas is just looks like Roxas, that guy is called Terra. This secret ending is abt the lastest and coming soon Kingdom Hearts game which is called Birth By Sleep.

After that i went home and started playing it. Luckily the game was able to function. Cos the disc cover was the picture of Digimon World 3! D8 But still the game was functioning well.

Thats all for today's news. Well tomolo is the end of my Holidays!! D8 PMR results is coming out! Im kinda nervous now.. Just wish that i score lots of Azzz.