Thursday, December 27, 2007

Prank Call!

A few days ago, on the same day as i receive my PMR result. That night i received a prank call! D8 At first there was one fella that called my house late at night (I think it was around 11 something) when i picked up no one reply.. I thought that i was my maid's family calling. But i could be calling in such time! (~.O)
Then after a few minutes later, another call came.. It was a guy I comfirm, holding his nose and talk. This is our little conversation..
Me: Hello
Pranker: Hello is this YuMing?
Me: Yes..
Pranker: Okay im from the playboy company..bla bla bla...
Me: .... *silence*
Pranker: Hello?? do you want to order..
Me: Can you tell me who are you first!?
Pranker: ... *silence*... hello??
Me: *Shuts the phone*
Okay things are begin to be very suspicous throught out the conversation. The first thing was, how did he knw my name?? A real playboy company guy wouldnt knw my name by just listening to my voice. It very obivious it a friend of my playing prank on me. Second, why didnt he tell me his name at first?? A real playboy company would intro to me his name right before our conversation started! Third, why did he act silence when i asked who is he?? When i asked for his name i asked loudly! Its impossible that he couldnt hear it! This pranker was kinda stupid..
I was really mad abt it, i wanted to find out who was the lame and stupid pranker! So i looked into the phone and check the number. No wonder.. its a friend of mine.. (I dun wanna say names) No wonder that I heard before from that friend saying that he pranked his friends before with the name trick. I didnt call back cos its problely meaningless.. He would problely act like he didnt did it. The pranker was John Wong!!
I can give a hint abt the caller, its a 016 user! Beware of any 016 user that calls you and play any kind of pranks calls! I think after he reads this post, he would problely change into a diffrent pranks. So everyone stay beware.. the number is 0169061733
To Pranker: I dun wanna reveal your name cos yur my friend. One of the best friends. But let me tell you one thing.. Do not let me catching you pranking my other friends! Or should i say YOUR other friends as well! If you one to prank, simply dail one phone number and prank other people outside there! Dun ever prank people which are near you! Im serious!