Sunday, February 12, 2012

Back to INTI

Alex talked me on facebook the other night asking me whether im heading back to INTI the next day or not cause there was a talk going on tomorrow. So i decided to attend the talk with a last minute planning.. actually i attended the talk because they say whoever that attends it get a free USB pen drive. XP

It was a different morning cause usually i will wake up around 11am or 12pm but that day i woke up much earlier than usual. Dress up in my jeans which i always wear whenever im heading to uni, took the bus all the way to KJ station and from there all the way down to Subang Jaya. Everything is starting to get familiar again. XP

After a long 2 months plus break, i finally head back into INTI. I sat down waited for Alex to arrive as he was looking for parking around the area. As i was waiting, i started remember how lonely i was actually in INTI.. I have very little friends compared to the days when I have in high school and the days that i was in college.. And in a couple of days time, i will back at the place and back to my lonely time.

As i was waiting, I was a girl have a hard time studying.. her faced looks extremely stressed out as if she was about to flunk the upcoming test (how did i know there was a test? well, who studies hardly for fun?) The I had another flash back on back in the days that I was in INTI stressing to pass up our assignments and studying hard for out pappers at the same time.

After day dreaming for awhile, Alex finally arrived and we went and meet up with Eugune. Updated each other alittle bit about what we did during the holidays. After that we all head for the talk. Along the way we bumped into Yenn Yenn and Liana and then Theodore who joined us in the room at the as soon the talk is about to start.

The talk wasnt long and was not really with all my friends around me. In fact, the talk was sorta motivating us to start studying alittle bit more harder as one of the head lecturers motivated us with all his words of wisdom.

And to motivate us even more, he rewarded each one of us a 8GB USB wrist band pen drive, Olympic style. Well, there goes my excuse for not passing up my assignment anymore. XP

His last and final quote of the day was "It was hard, but its worth it.."

Alex mentioned that when uni just started, we will be finding a day to hang out before all the stress and busy shyts starts poping into our lifes. XD

My uni actually starts tomorrow, so i guess i wont be bloggin that much anymore.. I did alot of things during my holidays but nothing really amazing and nothing really worth leaving as a memory.. Just some annoyance and emo things.. Thats why i didnt blog that much. X)

I'll blog as much as I can.. but till then.. Everyone have fun. X)

Now, back to my busy lonely life. XP


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