Monday, February 20, 2012

March 14th

So, valentines day just past a couple of days ago.. Yeap, a day where people will do something special to impress or confess to someone who is really special to them. Sometimes, the day doesnt really go far into the love side, people sometimes do something for someone who is important to them or sometimes, for fun. XD

Well, im not a really a valentines/lover boy/relationship pro.. So yeah, theres really nothing much i can talk about it. Totally one of my weakest subjects.. XP

But what I know to talk about is March 14th.. I dunno some of you guys know or not but March 14th is white's day. Its some how like a 2nd valentines days and its also known as a valentines day for girls.

Me and my friend were just talking on the phone the other day, she wanted to do something back for her boyfriend who happens to be a good friend of mine.. so i told her about whites day. And i just found out that girls dont really know the existence of white's day.

So ladies, class is in session right now. Well, actually its not going to be a very lengthy class but oh well. The difference between valentines day and white's day is that guys will do all the romantic stuffs on valentines days while the girls will take their action and repay the guys who did all those romantic things to them on white's day. It could as simple as returning a gift, a card, cookies, or just bring them out for a lunch or something. It can just plain simple..

Now, it doesnt really have to be a lovey dovey thing. Is not that you have to like a guy and the guy has to like you to do this kind of things. It can totally be normal among friends unless you think its weird and it might give some wrong ideas to the opposite then yeah you dont have to do that. Its probably for the best.

Oh, how did i figure out about this White's Day thingy? Just alot of TV watching and some manga reading. Apparently, not many people know about this day and even if they know, they dont really like celebrate it, cause you know.. its just sounds different if a girl give a guy gifts. And when a guy receive a gift, they(we) tend to have this psychological idea that if a girl give them something, it means she likes him. So yeah, thats probably the reason why.

Before you people out there think that im hinting someone right now to give me a gift, honestly, im not looking forward to have any gift cause I KNOW i wont get one. (sounds sad right?) No seriously, my valentines was plain boring. I had my first day of uni class on that exact same day, had classes from 10am to 5pm and after that walk home alone cause my parents are not at around. Does that sound boring to you? Sounds boring to me! But yeah, its totally cool.. XD

Im just here to promote this little event and help those girls (or maybe guys) out there who dunno how or what or when to repay the person whom did bunch of nice stuffs on valentines day. X)

For those of you guys out there who did some really wonderful stuffs to your love one on valentines, you guys have my respect. I dun really have the guts or brains or even balls to do these kind of things like you guys. You guys have earn my respect and definitely my blessing for you dream love in the future. X)

As for the guys who tried something but failed or didnt get any respond that you guys expected. No worries, I totally feel you guys as I was in your situation before. But look at a bright side, you did something extremely wonderful. You made a girl feel not lonely on valentines. Yeah its true your hurt and you think its a waste of time/money doing all those but just think with a gentleman's point of view, you did something good for a girl. It might had made the girl feel good or might not but who cares, YOU DID IT! You made a girl feel good and you guys dont even beg or ask for anything in return. (or maybe you guys did.) Yeah, its really complicate but you guys definitely earn more respect than the other guys out there. X)

And finally, as for those of you who didnt celebrate valentines day.. well.. good for you. XP

Okay, I've been yapping alittle bit too much now. Guess i gotta stop. Got an early morning class tomorrow morning and I dead tired.. DX

So, tell me. How did your valentines go? Would love to hear it from you guys out there. X)


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