Saturday, February 18, 2012

Back to Hell

Alright, its really alittle bit mean to say that my uni sounds like some sort of hell.. so just pretend that I didnt say 'hell' but instead, i said 'paradise'.. Got it? XP

So, Im back in my uni life.. my class started on the 14th February (yeah, on valentines day. XP) And i just made it thru my first week. And we all know that first week of class is nothing.. Its just alot of introduction to what we are learning and explanations about what horror is coming into our way. Horror = Assignment x99

But still, it was really nice to get to hang out with my uni friends again. Its been awhile since we all hung out. During the holidays, none of us even plan an outing to meet up with each other. XD

Just the other day me, Alex, Eugune and Ashwin went to 1U to catch a movie right after our wednesday class. After that we head over to my place and meet up with Pepper and have a couple of card games. We did all of those before hell starts coming in. So yeah.. that doesnt mean we are totally relaxing and all.

Okay, there is really nothing much to talk about right now.. Im here to post some blog post before this blog offically goes into hibernation mode. Well, not really completely hibernate but I will do my best to update you guys once in awhile.

I will be very very active on twitter thou cause there is like the only place i can scream and shout out things. I will around facebook as well. X)

Alright, so i guess thats all. Hope you guys out there who just started uni or already started uni and having a really stressful time like what im about to face.. I feel you.. and of course, stay strong .. Until the end, everything will be worth it. I think.. XD

"Everything will be okay in the end.. If its not okay? Then its not the end." XD


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