Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sister May

I was helping my dad this morning in the morning market. It was a pretty quiet day since the next couple of days is holidays, everyone is probably going for some vacation on saturday morning or something. I dunno.. lets just say business was just so so.

While i was then busy with my work wrapping carrot cake packets for customers, someone came and pat me on the shoulder, gave me rm50 and wished me 'Happy New Year.' I turned my head around to take a look at who issit and it was my old sunday school teacher Sister May.

Yes, she gave me a rm50 ang pau money for chinese new year and thats ALOT of money. It was my only rm50 angpao for the year (lets exclude my parent's one). I got the money and I was speechless. No, i want the money but it was just too much.

When i wanted to return the money, she said some of the most sweetest things..

'Im so happy that I can see you today. It was nice seeing you growing up every year. And im sorry that I didnt bring any red packets for you. Keep the money and stay healthy alright?'

She didnt give me the chance to return the money. In the end, she left without even ordering a packet of carrot cake. If she did, i would force my dad to give her free packets.

At first, I felt very nice and happy to get a rm50 angpau money but later on.. I felt sad..
My dad's other customer were laughing at my awkward reaction after receiving the ang pau. One of them said.. 'Good for you!'. My dad was like 'Wowww... shouldnt have gave a big ang pau then this year. XD'. It was suppose to be a very jolly and happy feeling but somehow i just felt guilty, bad and sad..

Heres the thing about me and sister May. Both of us had a history and some stories together. She was my sunday school teacher when I was still in my early high school days. (around form 1 till form 3 period) So, i was very young and immature i would have to say..

The ironic part about my relationship with Sister May is that.. I used to not like her. I used to not give a damm about her teachings and all. I used to make tons of noise and distract her class while she was teaching. I even talk bad about her behind her back. (what a bitch right?)

Back then, alot of people told me that Sister May is a very nice teacher.. but due to my immaturity i didnt give a damm about what they say. I find her very annoying and just didnt like the way she teachs, thats all.. (at this point u guys would probably want to slap me in the face already right?)

But Sister May was really an amazing teacher.. She treat my horrible, distracting, noisy attitude in class into a way of communicating with me. She ignores all my bad habits and all and still treat me as student of her. In fact, she kinda thinks that my noise in class kinda entertains the class. Funny issint?

Beside this ang pau thingy and the way she treats me eventhou im a bad student last time, the other the most touching incident was the chinese new year caroling incident. The Youth team have this tradition of having a caroling on chinese new year, there was this year that we are invited to carol at Sister May's place but that was the time i couldnt make it.

The next day which is sunday school day, I was a little bit sad cause everyone is saying how awesome Sister May's house was with the size of the house and the food and the event and all. Plus, they did mention that the ang pau she gave the others were pretty big as well. I was jealous and of course feeling alittle regret for not making it.

After class, i bump into Sister May and we talked alittle bit. The surprising thing about the conversation was.. she mention that she noticed my missing in action from the caroling cause she knows that im always in the choir team. And then, she gave me an angpau wishing my chinese new year. The amazing part of all is that my ang pau is alittle bigger than the others. XP

Since then until today, she still remembers me as that boy who use to make alot of noise in class but now she sees me as the teenager who know what his doing..

One of the things that I probably regret doing in the past is probably disliking Sister May for that year.. If there was a dude who is getting taught by Sister May and he acts like me when I was back then, I will know what story to tell him. X)

It has nothing to do with the ang pau.. but its about what she did to me in the past and even today. Totally apperciate it. It definitely made me a better person.. well slighty.. XP

Of course the ang pau is still AWESOME! XD


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