Monday, January 30, 2012

CNY Highlights

Alright now since CNY is over, im going to do a little bit of bloggin about some highlights stories that happened back when I was at the my hometown. Its not as interesting as it going to sound but i'll do my best to make it sound interesting. XD

Highlight ONE - I got a girlfriend.

Some of you who check out my phone before should know that I have the picture of me with Janice & Sonia as my wallpaper, right? Lemme refresh your minds if you guys dont get what picture am I talking about..

So, one of my relatives saw me having a new phone, asked me to borrow them to have a look at it. Cause you know, touch screen phone must be something amazing right? (actually its not) They saw the picture and went.. 'Who are those pretty girls?' and 'Which one do you like?' and then 'Are they your girlfriend?'.

Of course, i answered them with a casual no but they tend to think that I was too shy to admit that they are my girlfriend or something. They started to get even more suspicious why they found out that my phone is in password mode. Now, the reason I kept my phone in password mode is because my phone is extremely sensitive. Putting it in password will restrict it from simply pressing something or simply make a phone call when its in my pocket. XP

Since they are already suspicious, they started to go thru my picture folder. And then they found this picture.. which totally make things even more interesting.

After seeing this picture, they all looked at me and went.. 'Ohhhh... I know which one issit already.' Now, lemme repeat myself again. I really did tell them that they are not my girlfriends nor even friends but I just didnt try hard enuf to tell them. XP

Whats even more broken is that I didnt tell them the truth before I left or something. It was definitely a funny incident and it worth to be called as a highlight when I was back in my home town. X)

Highlight TWO - Doggies!

One of the things that I liked the most whenever Im back in my hometown is going over to my grandma's house and play with the doggies. Ever since I was young, I love playing with the doggies at my grandma's place. I remember there was once I slept with the doggies and even say that the doggie is my wife. (Hey, i was young that time already.) Thats probably the reason why I love dogs today. XP

Do you guys remember there was one picture from last year that i took me carrying a small little doggie? Lemme show u to picture to refresh ur mind..

Refresh? Got it memorized? And some of you guys were said that I was strangling the little fella or something. XP

His been living at my grandma's place all this time and his still there. Its been one year since both of us meet, so here how he looks like now.

See the resemblance? His still cute alright and I think he still remembers me.. or maybe his just really friendly to other people. XD

The amazing thing about my grandma is that she loves adopting doggies. Some of them are stray some of them are from my cousins. So every year there might have some new doggies around her house and they all are very friendly.. Here are the pictures of the doggies I saw at my grandma's place this year. XP (I dun remember their names..)

Doggie 1.

Doggie 2.

Doggie 4.

Okay, not all of them are friendly. Some of them are not fully stranger friendly. And this next dog that im about to show you guys is the most beautiful dog around my grandma's place but his not really stranger friendly.

Doggie 5. His fluffy and cute issint he!? 8D XD

Im pretty good with dogs and im very used to dogs who are not stranger friendly (except for those which are just crazy). So, with my awesome-ness with doggies, I manage to make this doggie alittle bit friendly towards me. At least now he let me pat his head and he doesnt growl at me when i walk near him anymore. XD

Highlight THREE - Caring Dad got Cared

I need you guys to have another flash back again. Remember there was one picture that I took my dada showing his kind-ness towards my grandma? And again.. heres a picture to help u guys with the flash back..

This really hows my caring my dada really is.. and im just really proud to be his son. X)

Anyways, this year's CNY my dad got a little bit sick. Flu, soar throat and fever all came to him all at once. So, he wasnt really active during this year. I got this picture is cute, funny, adorable and touching all at the same time..

This is looks like my grandma looking after my dad as he fells asleep. Its just simply beautiful to see such a connection that my dad have with my grandma. X)

But the truth behind this picture is that, my grandma is actually waking up my dad cause she wanted to go to the toilet. XD

Highlight FOUR - Pro Tetris Cousin

This is not really a highlight or anything. Im just showing you guys how freaking awesome my little cousin is in tetris. His beating his opponent cross handed. So to my fella tetris players.. beat that! XD

There are actually more interesting and funny highlights that happened during my CNY days in my kampung. But i didnt get any pictures and just writing down the stories can get a little bit boring. So yeah, i guess thats for the CNY updates. XP

Honestly, my CNY is not really THAT awesome as it sounds. I just make it sound awesome. Its actually kinda boring back in the kampung. Seriously..

A picture of my hometown, Alor Setar. X)

So how did your CNY went? I would love to hear it. Leave comments on the blog post or just leave me a message at the cbox. X)


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