Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pre-Baby Goodbye

Heres another sad news for those of you people who are very excited and caring for the little animals living at my place. The new little puppy in my family, Baby is going to leave my family soon. DX

No, we are not going to slaughter the little fella and cook him or something. We just decided to let the fella go. Well, not 'we'. I have nothing to do with this and obviously I dont wanna let it go. But my mom & dad (or maybe dad has nothing to do with this as well) decided to bring him over to my grandma's place this CNY and just leave it there permanently.

Like i said before, I dun wanna let the little fella go. Just leave the poor little fella here to stay with us. He has connection with our whole family already. He already thinks where he is living right now, is home. But sometimes, you cant just knock some of YOUR OWN sense into my mom's decisions. Maybe its because im not the one feeding or providing or really looking after the little fella so i dont really feel the pressure and the need to let him go. I barely have time to take care of Oreo already so yeah... DX

The worst part of this whole thing is.. he little fella doesnt know was is coming to him. His still being a blur blur, hyper, crazy doggie jumper, chewing machine. Then on that day, he will see his previous favorite owners just dump him in a kampung area with a bunch of dogs who are like 3 times his size. Will he get bully and all!? D8

And worst than that is how is Oreo going to take it? Did I tell you guys and Baby and Oreo are friends. Like really close friends. They are cute together. There was once, Baby was biting Oreo's chain as if he was trying break Oreo free so that he can play with him. That was such a cute sight! Sadly, we have to tear them apart.. and Oreo will be lonely again. DX

Remember there was once when I was playing with Baby.. I told him this.. "One day, Im going to bring 'her' over to our place and meet you. So you better be nice to 'her'. X)" Guess thats never gonna happen anymore..

The first picture I took with Baby.

The place where Baby slept on the first day he was here.

The first friend that Baby made. XD

Baby is a naughty but still a great puppy. His the first dog ever in my place that is trained thru hitting. But still, after all those hitting Baby is still so naughty as ever. XD

We shared alot of good memories together. I dont wanna let him go but still, this is for the best. Maybe he can be friends with lots of other dogs are my grandma's place? Maybe he will have a better time at my grandma's place? My grandma is pretty damm good with dogs after all. X)

CHEERS?? I dunno...

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