Monday, January 16, 2012

A DIfferent Goodbye

Remember the previous post that I talked about sending my dog, Baby to my grandma's place on CNY and that was the good bye? Well apparently, things had just changed to be different..

Its was a monday night, and I was helping my dad in the night market. Why am I there? Well cause my mom has a fantastic excuse and asked me to go and help my dad. The excuse was because she wanted to stay at home and bake cookies. Wow.. And thats how she told me in the last minute to help my dad while I was planning to do something with my friends that night. WOW.. (im still pissed off by the last minute inform thingy.)

So, I was there at the pasar malam helping my dad is a very very terrible mood.. But things just became worst when my mom arrived at the pasar malam after her baking cookies session.. The first thing she told me when she arrived was..

"Later we go home and take Baby here ah. We going to give him back to the original owner."

The moment she said that I was stunned. Whatever she did before that was totally forgotten due to that massive amount of shock she just gave me..

I asked her why and she says its better to give it back to the original owner that giving it to grandma. HELL NO! I rather have Baby around someone who I know and not stranger who works in the pasar malam.

After that she gives another reason saying that, there will be no one around to take care of Baby during CNY period. Okay.. thats the whole point we are bring Baby back to grandma's place right? And thats the whole point of us leaving it there and not letting it come back anymore right?

Then she gives another one saying, Baby is getting naughty and learn how to run out from the house already. And that was my counter back shut down.. I have nothing else to say after that. Its true that Baby is getting naughtier and naughtier day by day. Running out from the house is a BIG issue for any dogs. What if they get banged by a car? It could be serious..

I was not really in the mood in helping my dad anymore.. staying there helping him will just scare the customers away with my current emotion. I immediately told my mom to take my place and just let me walk back home and spend some last minute time with Baby.

I was all sweaty when I came back home. I didnt even bother to go and bath or drink water. I immediately head to the kitchen where Baby is sleeping. Woke him up and played with him. Feed him alittle and talked to him for awhile. My sister heard about the whole thing and decided to spend some time with baby as well..

Around 11pm, it was time.. my mom came home. Asked me to bring Baby into the car. I decided to go along with her to send Baby off. When we are in the car, Baby was making alot of noise. It sound like he was crying and all. I can tell that his not the kind of dog who likes to stay in the car.. or maybe because it was his first time in a car or something. But him clinging on to me during that moment, looks like as if he knows what is coming and doesnt want me to let him go.

We arrived at the pasar malam, i carry Baby down from the car and he was terrified. He whole body is shivering. Maybe because it was dark and there alot of strangers around him and all. We arrived at the hawker stall who was Baby's formal owner. Baby couldnt recognize them at all so he went and sorta bark alittle to defend himself.

I saw Baby's other dog relatives. His mom is ugly looking and so is his sister. Among all of them Baby is the cutest and also the biggest size among all. (yeah, that pinkie fella, the biggest size among all. funny.) According to the owner, he said that Baby is more like his father and his father is big size.

After a long hug and all, its time to say good bye. I left baby in the van where they keep the other dogs. The moment i left him there, the gave me the puppy face and started barking, calling me to take him back again. At that moment, i turn around and immediately walked off. I cannot take the situation anymore.. If I stay there any longer, people will see me crying.

I went home and have a silent moment of my own. Talked to Oreo a little bit and head back to room. I told my maid that Baby is not around anymore, her face reaction was sad.. was just pure sad.. she was about to cry as well as Baby was really like a baby to her.

I want to be mad at my mom and I want to scold her off by telling her why did she bring the dog back in the first place? You know the dog is gonna get attach to us and you know that we are going to get attached to him as well. Especially me! since i farking love dogs!? I really dun understand why u want to send him off again? Is he really bad? Did he bite you? Did he poop on ur bed? For all i know, he didnt do anything big bad thing to you. Why are you so desperate to get rid of him? When Oreo was sick you decided to throw him away as well? You live with dogs all your childhood life, why are u treating them soo different right now? Why why why??

Alot of questions start running into my head at that moment.. my emotions are very unstable.. but what can i do.. what can I do? She is my mom. She is the one who brought me to life, raise me up and trying to give me a good living. So what can I do? I can do nothing.. but just sit down.. take a deep breath and stay cool.. and just sleep it off.

I did took a few pictures when Baby was still around. X)

Caught Oreo and Baby fooling around outside the house.

Last picture with Baby. He gave me a kissed on the face. X')

Bye Bye Baby. X')

Im not really in the mood a cheers right now.. sorry guys..

I guess.. im alone again..

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