Friday, April 4, 2008

Crisis Core clips

Here are more Crisis Core clips.. Bored ma.. thats why making this boring post lo. But still you wont regreting watching these video clips. XD Mathew said the video clip are good.. i think.. Okay okay this time the Crisis Core clips are mostly in English! X)

Crisis Core Ending (English)

Cloud shouts like an asshole.. Japanese's one sounds a lot better. XD To those of u who played FF7 you should knw why Cloud is having Zack's memories adi la. Cloud is Zack in FF7 get it? Fine.. Thus "the girl" which zack was talking abt was Aerith, keep that in mind. And also, the song of Zack's death was "Why" nice song leh..

Crisis Core Secret ending (English)

Sorry this crap u have to wait for 47 seconds only it begens.. XP First of all you must be thinking is that Genesis?? Im not sure... but all i knw is, this is were FF7 Dirge of Cerberus comes in.. i think.. I dunno larh! Nomura is just confusing us!!

Crisis Core -How to Save a Life-

I knw this is some kind of spoiler.. XP But joining my favourite game with one of my favourite song is kinda cool. XD Have watching!!

Sooo people out there who are rich.. Get yourself a PSP!! To those who have adi, get Crisis Core!! You wont regret playing it!

Psss... Tarvin cant cross the final battle.. XD