Wednesday, April 9, 2008

10th April's Thursday

Thursday~Thursday~Thursday~lalalala~ XD Thursday is always an happy day. X) But today is more special.. Listen to my story..

Class incidents Point form! XD

Add-Maths >> I can tell sense that something is going to happend. Pn.Liew is going to have a fight with Pn.Harminder! D8 I dunno, i cant really explain since this is only point form! XD Tell you guys why in school kay? X)

Physics >> Thank god that Pn.Chin is not here! XD But..but.. but.. What we are about to have now is worst than Physics. We have our Add-Maths in the two period we have! D8 I didnt do very well.. i think most of us didnt do well too. XP

Recess >> Nothing much really happend at today's recess. X)

BM >> Haiyo.. i thought that we are going to see Bukit Kepong. But that the library was booked by some other class. End up we have to do some Cerpen thingy. Boring..

Sejarah >> Double plain in the ass.. We have to do Sejarah test as well! I screwed the damm paper. XP I got 15/40.. Aiya wo cares la.. Oh oh oh!! Something extremly unbelievable happend! Megan got 30/40!! D8 Its an A!! D8

EST >> Today EST extra period was canceled. Yipieee! XD Soo Pn.Harminder didnt teach much. Kaarthik got screw by Pn.Harminder today.. badly..

Thats all on school times. Here comes what happend after school time. X)

Going down stairs, i have to cross the science lab to go to the canteen. I saw JinHwei's class and heared that the class was canceled as well. X) Izzaty has improved her chinese very well. (FYI she is not a chinese) But still a Malay (i think) girl like her is willing to learn chinese.. That is something. X) We stand outside the and have a little bit of chit chat then off to the canteen together.

Makan..Makan..Makan. Me, Tarvin, YTL, KimNgiam, KayJun, Yuenhee, Huiee, JinHwei and Izzaty played with each other. Because of what?? Because of the stick that KayJun was suppose to use for this drama. We end up using to spank each other's butt. XD

KimNgiam pulled Yuenhee's hairband out! And wow she looks alot diffrent when she tied her hair. But her hair was messy and she end up becoming Sonic! XD But the hair looked really really cool! I want her hair. For the first time im asking for a girl's hair. Sounds weird.. XP

Duty time! Duty time was sorta bored today.. Since everyone is busy with their revision. (ya hor.. test is coming.. XP) Yuenhee was finding someone to each her add-maths. I teached her a bit.. which issint really helpful. XP At least i tried! XD It was raining pretty badly sooo i cant go and play basketball today.. X(

Yuenhee got fed up with her add-maths revision. She decided to go makan! o.O So she called me to teman her. Kee Wei joined along as well. X) Makan~Makan~Makan~ Laugh~Laugh~Laugh (Oh ya, Weng, Fai and Chao. If your reading this i told something about you three to my friends. XP)

Back in the library. Things are still bored like usual. But KayJun bought his cool (not) looking jacket.. thats where things begin to be funny. X) Yuenhee was cold so she loan KayJun's jacket. Beside than keeping herself warm.. she made fun of herself! XD She was acting like a GUY which is very very funny! XD Beside that she acted like a crow as well! They dont call her LAME for nothing! XD

The rain was still continue-ing so Blue house was canceled. X( JinHwei as still weird as usual.. Shes using the words that i have been using!! D8 I always love to say "Be a man! to the right thing!" and "Bodoh to the power of maximum la u!" She uses those words and back fired at me! D8 Like is said shes weird..

Duty Time over.. temaned JinHwei back home. I told that i wanted to make a post abt her. Than she say "Make la! Make la! I dont mind." At first i thought it was a joke. But the joke back fired at me.. so no choice la. I have to make a post about her. X)