Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jin Hwei

What is JinHwei?? o.O Issit something to eat? Who is JinHwei?? Issit someone famous?? Where is JinHwei?? Issit somesorta new jungle's name in Malaysia??

No No NO!!

JinHwei is my little sister. Not original one la of course.. Im the youngest one in my family.. This is a little pet sister. I dont treat her like a pet of course! I treat her like me real little sister. X) (touched?) Okay i promise to make a post about her. Soooo here it is!

I made this post just for her cos.. i promised her. X) And also, this little girl is going to USA for some reasons already.. guess im going to mis.. WAIT!! Correction! Guess SHES going to miss me!! XD (perasan~ness) But not forever la.. XP For a few weeks. Means no one to pat on the head for a few weeks. X( So this is somesort of farwell post for her.

Photos stealed from friendster.. XP

Introducting JinHwei!! XD

JinHwei is..

- A very weird girl.. VERY

- A girl which are fire back the words your say

- A SHORT girl.. XP

- A girl that looks silent on the outside but hyper in the inside

- A smart girl! How smart she is? I dun knw..

- A girl which is really really friendly! X)

- A girl which can tell SUPER lame jokes! XD

- A girl which can laugh really really long.. like almost forever! XD

- A girl which is really focus on her studies.. X)

- A girl which walks home alone..

- A girl which walks really weirdly.. XP

- A girl is very very blur kes..

- A girl which can be bullied easily.. XP

- A girl which many people are willing to protect her! D8

- A girl which kicks really hard

- A girl which is camera shy.. i think..

- A girl which is really childish! X)

- A girl which let people pat her head. X)

- A friend which is prefect to be a friend!

- A friend which is worth to be sayang. X)

A friend which is... Aiya i think thats enough la. X) Enough anot JinJin?? X) I think thats enough la.. it cant think of anything else anymore.. XP I guess thats all la.

Dear JinHwei,

Okay i that i fullied my promise ba.. X) Soo when you go to USA a must really really miss me hor! You can miss other people but miss me more la! XD Dont stress yourself when your there and always listen to what the people said there! X)

GorGor always love eu.. X)

Your lovely brother,
MIngz. XD

Bye~Bu~Mei~Mieh! (Your should get what the "mieh" means.. XP)

People please dont misunderstand! Im just her brother!!