Monday, April 7, 2008

I think its my Bad Luck..

After coming back from from Tarvin's house, i woke up inside the car and then the first thing i do was step into my room and sleep on my bed..

I jumped on to the bed.. I seriously JUMPED!! Then i heard a crack sound on my knee.. I was wondering whats the sounds.. I've looked around the corner but still i couldnt find anything around me, except my tiger la. XD

Then i realized!! There was a phone in my pocket!! D8 Ohhhhhh SHIT!! I looked at the phone and i can see the screen was totally cracked! D8 Haiyo.. all my Crisis Core photos.. Haiyo.. Freaking disappointed..

I told my father about it.. My father was like "Is okay.. at least next time you knw what to do before jumping on to the bed. X)" I was reliefed..

But on the otherside.. My mom was like "Har!? You know how expensive is the phone is?? Thats why i said a lot of times already! Dont ever jump on to the bed! Next time i dont want to give you the phone adi!" Dammit..

But after all they did forgive me in the end. X) I guess its just my bad luck.. this is a VERY IMPORTANT experience to be remembered..