Tuesday, April 15, 2008

13th Apirl's Sunday

OMG i havent been blogging for the past 2~3days adi! D8 Time to make things up! I going to spam blog post adi! XD

Sunday was always my most favourite day. X) After 3 week for not stepping into sunday school again.. Im finally back! XD Everybody missed me! I think..

There was a fun fair today. So we decided to ponteng class and go to that fun fair. (even knw its Bro.Poh that day) We got a lift from my old friend/teacher, Bro.Ronnie! X) The Fun Fair was more than a food fair to me.. Even Ba Kut Teh was there! D8

Back to sunday school and we lepak until 11.00am. Means what?? Choir time!!! XD Choir time was very dissapointing.. cos no one came! X( But still we backsitterz are there to make things right back up. Peiyin was sorta lefted out that time.. X)

Meeting was long.. and it makes me very very sleepy.. i manage to take a quick nap.. XP But still i manage to knw what m i suppose to do! X)

Kesian MunWai.. he losted him bag! D8 Who want to steal a bag anyway!? But luckily most of his precious stuffs are still with him, but his house key is gone. X(

I wonder how was the 1U trip on the otherside?? Hope i was fun. X)

Off to Nat's Birthday Partay!! XD