Friday, April 11, 2008

11th April's Friday

Friday hrm.. point form!!

Chemistry >> Like usual. Didnt really listen to what Pn.Liew is teaching. XP Im talking to Vania most of the time. XP

English >> English was aint half bad.. cos i did my homework so i dont have to worry abt anything else! XD

Maths >> Dammit.. Maths always have homework one. Thus we have extra add-maths homework cos Pn.Liew (another one) forgotten to give us! D8

Recess >> Jinhwei told me she looked at my blog already. And she wasnt touched! D8 Well i dun feel bad anyway.. X) Izzaty's chinese is still improving.. I starting to think that shes a chinese wannabe! XD Just joking girl.. XP

Accounts >> I got caught by En.Beh for coming into class late. X( Accounts was okay today.. at least En.Beh is STARTING to get along with our class since he hated our class last time..

Sivik >> Pn.Zaini came in ans she was sorta fed up with our class today.. i pitty her cos no one was actually listening to her. X(

Im going to update more later.. gotta go basketball. X)

Oh ya btw now is 9.20pm and im going basketball! XD Why?? im going to tell u later.. X)