Friday, April 4, 2008

4th April's Friday

Normal day today.. nothing much happend. So i shall explain in point form.. (kinda lazy nowa these days.. XP)

Chemistry >> Yesh!! Experiment!! XD Have fun playing fire in the lab.. hehehe.. OhYa!! Megan hugged me today! XD She was soooo afaird of the fire that she jumped and hold my hands.. o.O okay so its not hugging, dont get excited. XD

English >> Pn.Chung was in good mood i think.. she let just practise or drama! XD Ranee was not here so we cant really do anything much today.. X(

Maths >> I was praised by Pn.Ting! XD Im a goodboy ma.. which always do my homework one! I think.. Well at least i finish it! XD

Recess >> Yuenhee is still laming around.. But she was not the only one. Justin came in and tell out all his lame jokes around the corner. XD Ohya!! Yuenhee spanked my ass! D8

Accounts >> I brought everysingle accounts book except lejar! D8 So day dreaming in class lo.. Thus i finished my Mod-maths homework in that two period time! Hardworking leh.. X)

Sivik >> Thank god Pn.Zaini allowed us to practise our drama. Tarvin is teach our drama team to dance and i was one of them. Guess whose my partner?? Karman!! XD

Today i tried out Megaman Legends and let me tell you, Megaman Legends 1 is harder than 2 keep that in mind.. But still i have fun playing with it! X)