Wednesday, April 2, 2008

31 Marc's Monday

One more day to April Fools!! But if you guys readed my last post, my April Fool day was shitty. So i dont i just post something good la!

Skip the whole damm class thingy!!! Recess.. Asked HuiEe and JinHwei was there any Arts Club for that day. And there answers are "Yes..". Oh Shit.. i remember i was suppose to bring something for the Arts Club but i just couldnt remember!

Skip~Skip~Skip~ After school, stay back for Arts Club. I was lazy to wait for time to pass, so i paid a visit to the School Drama team which are training infront of the dewan. I looked at the drama and i can say.. My class's Legenda Mat Salak (BM drama) was no match for their drama. Tarvin's acting was fantastic! Respect him..

Cos of the Drama I was late for Arts Club by 10 minutes. But it worth it la.. XD I enter the seni room and i remember what am i suppose to bring. Soap.. We have to cut it to very small little pieces and then stick it with thick glue to make it become something like playdol.

I forgot to bring mine, so i have no choice have to team up with someone la. And that Someone was JinHwei. X) While i was waiting for JinHwei to cut, i played with Megan's Guitar keychain. XD Me and HuiEe are singing "Tui Mian De Nu Hai Kan Gua Lai" (chinese) I simply sing and she sugested that I sing for the hari kecemerlangan for Arts Club! D8 I hope she was kidding..

After 20~30 minutes of cutting JinHwei finally manage to cut 88% of the soap.. she was lazy to do it so she just add the glue into the soap pieces. On the other side, HuiEe was having fun mixing the glue with the soap.. She is actually HAVING FUN!!! D8

Izzaty joined us and we decied to make Mickey Mouse with the mixed Soap. JinHwei lefted me and Izzaty to make the Mickey Mouse.. Hmp! X( After 10 minutes for sticking this and sticking that, we manage to make one SUPER WEIRD looking Mickey Mouse. Weird Mickey Mouse = Weird JinHwei. XD

Guess Arts Club the only special thing happend on that day.. X)