Tuesday, April 15, 2008

15th April's Tuesday

School time.. Point Form!

Maths >> We have our Mod-Maths exam and i was very easy.. But i lefted a question blank which is about trepizium! D8 Arh screw it.. i knw the other anyways.. Hope i can get an A. X)

EST >> Nothing much.. Pn.Harminder told us that she replacing us for the final period. o.O Thus we have to elaborate this report abt Synthetic Fibre. What in the world is that!?

Sejarah >> Boring like usual..

Recess >> Got stepped by Yuenhee again.. Ouch!!

Add-Maths >> It was replace by Pn.Ting (mod-maths teacher) so we continue on our mod-maths exercise.

Physics >> Something seriously funny happend here!! XD I'll tell you later on.. XP

BM >> At first En.Alim came in for the first period and then he leave at the second period. Talking abt Puteri Gunung Ledang. X) Replaced by EST period. Pn.Harminder was freaky today.. Karman got kantoi-ed.

Okay here comes the funny part at Physics period. I was talking to Megan the whole day cos there was no one to teman me chating that day.. X( So Megan is the victim.. XD

We started playing this observating game. Its very simple.. Look at the things around you and then remember the things that you see and keep it in your head, after that one player must question the observer about what he/she saw around him/her. Get it??

I was asking abt rubberband colour around us and she cant really answer the questions! XD Then she started asking things that i cant see around me! Like.. "What is Matthew's underwear colour?" D8 What!? You expect me too see a GUY's underwear!? It turns out becoming a guessing game more than a observating game. XD

Matthew overheard what we said, so he started to join in. We are guess and asking people's underwear colour around the corner! D8 Megan started the whole crap! So that proofs how horny was Megan is! XD

We change the talking subject into "flirt".. Chat~Chat~Chat~ She said that "poking" people is flirting.. i said no.. cos most of the fellas around me always poke me and does that mean they are flirting with me!? I totally dis-agree with what shes saying. Then i told her that flirting is like simply holding people's hand around the corner. She said no! D8 Hrm..

She started to showing me how is flirting looks like. Megan!? Flirting!? I mean.. Teaching!? I dont remember how many step she told me la.. but this is all i remembered. XP And Matthew was the flirting "victim". =.=

Step 1. She was trying to use her hands to poke matthew but her hands was too short! XD Then she took a pen and reach to matthew waist. But before she even poke matthew, her pen drop. So step number 1 is... Drop a pen on the floor! XD okay okay.. thats a fake one..

Step 1. Poking the guy/girl. Matthew didnt knw that he was the victim of Megan.. anyways Megan is just trying to show an example.. XP

Step 2. Touching guy's or girl's back. The back means around the shouder area only. Matthew was feeling very high that time.. XD

Step 3. Massaging for he/she. Hrm.. is that really flirting?? Looks like a slave working for her master to me. XD Matthew was feeling the free massaging sensation. XD

Matthew noticed that Megan was using him as the victim, so he decided to join in then he created step 4.

Step 4. Putting your tongue out. Matthew started to put his tongue and turn around his lips and Megan face was like (D8) and (XD). Matthew looks at that moment.

Step 5. Act like its hot in there. Matthew started to say like "Omg.. its getting soooo HOT in here.. uh~uh" Thats was seriously gay! But i was still busy laughing.

Step 6. Striping yourself!? Matthew started striping himself. That was funny shit.. Me and Megan was laughing like crap and the teacher didnt notice! Matthew is freaking dramatic.

Tarvin came back from his drama competion at the last period which is EST. And good to hear that our school got 1st place again! XD I remembered that Tarvin is suppose to bring his PSP for some reason.. Soo thats the first thing asked! XD And he nodded his head! 8D

After school i told Tarvin everything that happend today, then the next thing i asked was for the PSP! Woooohooooo!! I played Crisis Core for 3 minutes in school! XD

It was sad that i only touched it for 3 minutes.. X( I really really really want a PSP! X(