Monday, April 21, 2008

20th April's Sunday

Sunday.. emmmmm ahhhhh.. fresh buddist air. XD Im in Sunday School again! X) Something special happend that day.. o.O

Sunday didnt enter the class again. XP Getting naughty these days.. But they have something special on in the Asoka hall.. I didnt knw what happend that day. All i kwn its something special la. XD They are looking for a guys with long pants (why long pants!?) to carry the umbrella and I'm one of them! XD

The good thing abt carrying the umbrella is i get to be infront of the camera! XD But the bad thing abt carrying the umbrella is.. I have to tight in my shirt. D8 It feels like school days again! YUCK! Thus im wearing jeans! D8 Try to imagine that.. DX

After the whole thing abt carrying the umbrella, off to choir practise! XD Choir practise was fun like usual. We added a few songs in like "A light in a Darkness" (awesome emo song. XP), "Happy Wesak Day" (best song with full of feelings. 8D) "Take these Wings" i didnt really kwn how to sing this song so cant comment nothing abt it. XP

I sorta created this piano song.. Sounds kinda techno. XD SuiLun joined in and play as well. XD

Nothing really much happend except i get to hold the umbrella for the cheif monk. X) Lots of reporters are there. Hope i can go into new paper la. XD (perasaan.)