Thursday, April 17, 2008

17th April's Thursday

Thursday.. how do it put it? Point form!

Add-Maths >> Dont really understand what she saying again.. hrm.. guess i'll let my mom to teach me la. XP

Physics >> Lord.. i feel like dropping physics! Me, Tarvin and Megan are playing the observating game again! XD And we talked little bit about our life.. X)

Recess >> Dammit.. didnt bring enough money..

BM >> En.Alim wasnt here again!! Yipieeee! Free period! But then the second period Pn.Harminder came in and replace the class. D8 Dammit.. continue teaching..

Sejarah >> Good thing and bad thing.. The good thing is, Pn.Wan is busy makin agar-agar for tomolo's hari kecemerlangan. The bad thing is, Pn.Harminder is taking the period. =.=

EST >> OMG.. my class has been facing Pn.Harminder for like.. 4 periods! D8 I get to understand what is synthetic fibres now! 8D

All done with the school's thingy.. now thursday always have a duty time. But this time's duty is kinda boring.. or should i say VERY boring.. I actually did my homework more than i talk that day! D8 Pretty amazing issint it?? Most of my friends are all in the APD room which i have no RIGHT to go in there. X( Nah nvm.. i finish my homework as least.. X)

According to what I knw.. i think i have six sense! 8D Right Huiee?? 8) Dont feel bad girl.. dont worry be happy! Dont be emo.. only I can be emo! XP

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