Friday, April 18, 2008

18th April's Friday

Nothing happend in class today cos.. most of the time we're not in class today! XD Yipieeeee!!! Why?? Cos today is Hari Cemerlangan.

The good point is we dont have to face teachers and homeworks. XD But the bad part is, we have to face long winded teachers on the stage talking crap. X(

I came to school and i told Tarvin and Megan abt my "Black Rose" incident.. What issit? Is something for me to knw and you to find out. XP

Its time to go down to the dewan! Yipieeee! Tarvin, Lyn and Rannee are doing their drama today. So what does that mean? (blog readers definetely knw what) PSP!! XD Tarvin brought his PSP and he wasnt really scared to kena tangkap cos he got promission slip! Yipieeee~

It was freaking hot inside dewan! Well obviously.. cos carbon dioxide are gathered in there. XP I temaned Tarvin to his dressing room and played Crisis Core (again...) for a couple minutes then is time to go down stage.

Speech.. haiz.. Long like usual. But the amazing thing is Pn.Zakia didnt talk that day! D8 But still there are other teachers talking.. hrm.. I was having a hard time sitting with the people around me cos i didnt get along well with them. X( i rather sit witht he girls. XP Prize giving was SUPER DUPER LONG!! But still i saw some of my friends taking the prize. They deserve appaulse la.. X)

Finally time entertainment! 8D First up, Tarvin's drama. Its my second time watching the full drama and my friends dont really understand the story well. (=.=) Its a very touching and sad story (heard that Izzaty cried after watching the drama. D8) They deserve appaulse as well. X) According to what Megan said.. Tarvin was hot! D8

Everything that day was SUPER long. The speech, the performance, even the recess! D8 Our recess was like how long?? 1 hour!!! D8 I was looking up, down, left, right for Tarvin! Cos i want his PSP!! after 20 minutes of long i got fed up and wait for him in class.

While waiting for Tarvin, Jonathan was telling some ghost stories to Racheal, Megan and Vania. I decided to join in. The story was SHOCKING, i didnt got scared by Jonathan but Megan and Racheal jumped after watching and Racheal even cried! D8 I mean crying and laughing la. XD

Tarvin finally came back! Wooohooo! Then Tarvin, Shekar, Kaarthik, Kim, Matthew, ZhaoYang and Roshan joined in the ghost story conversation. I decided to listen den only play the PSP. XP

Tarvin told us this true story which is sounded very freaky.. Highlight the world TRUE please.. I forgotten whats the movie's name already.

Shekar and Kaarthik told us their experience in a old house. They have some freaky incident in that house..

Matthew was talking abt Genting's Fourth floor..

Roshan told me a car accident ghost story..

What did i told them?? I told them abt my teacher's incident of see-ing a ghost and ways to see a ghost. Beside that i even told them the hilarious Celcom Ghost story. XD

After that, to the PSP!! Helped Tarvin level+1. XD Mug is a freaking good ability. After that fly back home. X) I have fun that day even knw Black Rose incident justed happend.. but still friends beside my cheer me up and im pretty cool.. X)

Black Rose: Day 4