Saturday, April 26, 2008


I've seen people doing this tag such as Tarvin and Megan. So i decided to join along since they didnt tag me. All they write was "whoever reading this tag" only ma. So i made my choice. X)

First Name: Tan
Nickname: MIngz, Takumingz, Mingzhai, lameo??
Name the wish u had: I'm kinda happy with my name now
What do people normally mistake your name as: YUE Ming, Yu MENG, U Ming. X(
Birthday: 25th FEB (keep that in mind!!)
Birthplace: Assunta Hospital
Time Birth: If im not wrong.. Is somewhere around 6am.
Single or Taken: Single.. NEVER got taken..
Zodiac Sign: If im not wrong.. Pisces??

Your Appearence
How tall are you: 180+ Proud of it! X)
Wish you were taller: A little bit.. Just to slam dunk! XD
Eye Colour: Brown
Eye Colour you want: Blue or RED!! Looks cool..
Natural Hair Colour: Black
Current Hair Colour: Black and Whites
Short or Long Hair: Short!
Dye Your hair a bizzarre colour: A little bit of gold will do.. X)
Last time you did something with your dramatic with your hair: dunno?
Glasses or contact: Glasses.
Do you wear make up: Yuck!! HELL NO!!
Ever had hair extension: Do i need one?
Paint your nails: Yuck! Noooooo

In the opposite Gender
what colour eyes: Black or Brown
what colour hair: Black or Blonde
Shy or Outgoing: I like both. X)
Looks or Personallity: Personallity, super friendly, caring, active, naughty and playful. X)
Sexy or Cute: Both. XP
Serious or Fun: FUN!!
Older or Younger: Of course younger.
A turn on: Active-ness
A turn off: Emo-ness
Flowers or Chocolate: I belive Both. X)
Pepsi or Coke: Both of them have no diffrence. Both la.
Rap or Rock: Both
Relationship or One Night Stand: Relationship
School or Work: Is better if is Both.
Love or Money: Definetely LOVE!
Movies or Musics: Both~ X)
Country or City: City!!!
Sunny or Rainy Day: Both~
Friends or Family: Friends AND Family

Have Your Ever
Lied: DUH!!
Stole Something: Err... yeah..
Smoked: NEVER!!
Hurt someone close to you: yes..
Broke Someone's heart: Im more of the victim..
Had your heard broken: ..... yes..
Wondered whats wrong with you: Always..
Wish you were a prince/princess: Yesh.
Liked someone who was taken: ......yes..
Been in Love: DUH!!
Used chopstick: Yeah~
Sang in the mirror to yourself: Sang, no. Talk, Yesh.

Flower: Black Rose
Candy: Eat-able then can adi. XP
Song: The Price of Freedom.
Scent: dunno.
Colour: White!
Movie: Still Loving Advent Children. XP
Singer: Timberlake
Word: Mother Poddle! XD (from Tarvin)
Junk Food: Cheesy Wedges! Mmmmmmm...
Webiste: Blogspot! Friendster, facebook and Khinsider.
Locations: Japan!!
Animal: Doggie! Panda! Kualabear! XD
Ever cried for someone: ..... yes..
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself: Having a weak heart..
Do you think your attarctive: Nooooooo... I'll leave those to the girls. XP
If you had to choose a fairytale as yourlife what would you choose: Tough one... I'll think abt it. XP
Do you play Sports: BASKETBALL! XD

The Rules:
Link to your tagger and post these rules.List (8) random facts about yourself and tag (8) people.

1. Im Super Perasan!
2. Im Lazy.. XP
3. Im a Game Freak!! XD
4. Im a very sensative person.
5. Have a weak heart..
6. Gets emo real easily.
7. Wish to turn back time.
8. Hates people real easily..

1. SuiLun
2. Justin Lee
3. Peiyin
4. Pei Jiun
5. Huiee
6. Izzaty
7. Yuenhee
8. You, You and YOU!