Sunday, April 6, 2008

A day at Tarvin's House

Beware.. This is a LONG post.. Lazy readers buzz off.

Yup, Sunday and guess what i didnt go to Sunday school!! Well cos there is NO Sunday school today. But there is a Youth Outing today.. I didnt go! XP But i have my reasons!! Continue reading on please..

Our school is having a Interclass drama competition. My class decided to participate and guess whose the director?? Tarvin and Ranee again! XD They are the director for out Legenda Mat Salak as well. XD Soooo we decided to have drama practise at Tarvinder's house today. So heres my whole story.

Me and Kim Ngiam arrive at Tarvin's house at 11.20am. Be called Tarvin and asked whether we can go in anot. But he says NO! Cos his having some sort of class thingy. He called us to go into his out at 12pm. D8 So we have no choice but to lepak at the padang opposite his house. X(

After a few minute Jonathan Yap arrive! And we are gossiping about teachers in our school.. making fun of them as well! And i can tell you Jonathan Yap is a real good joker man! XD I heard from Yuenhee that his very very funny but i didnt except to be THAT funny! XD He made me and KimNgiam laugh the crap out of us.

I was around 11.55pm already and still i cant believe i lepak house the hot padang for 30 minutes! Soooo we decided to go in. When we go in Tarvin looked like we are not welcome in. He gave us the scary stare.. which is really scary.. and funny XD

Tarvin: I thought i told u all to come in at 12 right?

Me: But its already 12 man! (lying..)

Kim: Yeah (pakat) didnt you looked at the time??

Tarvin: *looks at the clock* Okay.. come in but be quiet.

Luckily the clock of his house we 5 minutes quick. XD Fuh.. off to his room!! I wasnt the first entering Tarvin's room and guess whats the first thing that i do?? PSP!! XD I cant believe im holding a freaking PSP again for the past 2+months. Sobs.. Thus im playing Crisis Core!! In English!! *faints* I told Tarvin that i will help him to level up his character cos he cant defeat the final boss. Kim was playing Tarvin electrical guitar and Jonathan was playing his computer. I was having a fantastic time playing with the bloody PSP. Sobs..

After that more and more people are gather there. The the peoples are.. Megan, Rachel, Shekar, Kaarthik, Roshan, Nat, Mathew and of course Ranee. Tarvin was like "Is that all!? How can we do the drama with 11 freaking people wei!?" Yup, there was ONLY 11 people came to Tarvin's house today..

I was kinda dissapointed with the amount of people went to Tarvin's house. Seriously.. we cant do drama with only 11 fellas.. Oh ya after that Brayan, Kuok Ken and Marcus came! XD Still that makes it 14 people which is still very little..

We have not enough time for our drama!! The drama is like this coming wednesday so we only have like 3 days! And even worst, Tarvin and Ranee wont be around on Tuesday cos they have their interschool drama competition. So that makes it 2 days! D8 If we think of a new story that will take HUGE amount of time! D8

We wont have enough time but we mayb still have hope if more people came to Tarvin's house today. But guess most of them FFK-ed us i think.. So guess what we decided to cancel.. we cant do the English Drama.. I was sooo freaking dissapointed even knw im holding a very small role la.. I wanted to beat the other class asses since they beated ours in BM drama competition.. but guess they owned us badly this time..

Since the drama practise was cancel we decieded to lepak around in the house la. Tarvin's younger brother is have fun playing with us except me. Im having fun playing the freaking PSP! XD Okay i'll tell the game fans out there what happend in the game la.. X)

I have to admit even kwn i didnt play with Tarvin's brother, his brother is freaking annoying!! XD Oh oh oh! Guess who came in and joined us?? Dinesh!! XD All of them are having fun playing with the PS2 la. Mostly the games they played are racing games. (Roshan's sooo called specialty) Megan was comwhoring around the corner with diffrent kinds of people, guess whose the victim?? Me.. sobs..

Roshan was trying to show off in NFS-Carbon- But he couldnt!! XD After that they got fed up they change to BurnOut. BurnOut was funny shit! And u knw what?? Megan kicked Mathew's ass in BurnOut!! (dont show off Megan!) Some are playing piano and some are lepaking in Tarvin's room.

After most of the people went home left Me, Kim, Tarvin, Shekar, Kaarthik and Roshan. We decided to go out for a basketball! Yeeeha!! My second specialty!! The ring there was very short, shorter than the one behide my house. I can hook on the ring and Tarvin was like "FucKAR!! You can hooked the ring arh!? You bloody tall ass shit!"

The basketball players are scared of us la after seeing me hooking on the ring. We wanted to go form a friendly match but their reaction was like "No..No..No.." Scary cats! If is my basketball team arh, they will like "Come guys!! Lets do this!" Total diffrent thing! After that we have a friendly match 2 on 2 with our own people.

1. Me and Kim VS Roshan and Tarvin
2. Me and Tarvin VS Roshan and Kim
3. Me and Roshan VS Tarvin and Kim

I won the first and second match but the third one, Roshan screwed it! XD Cant blame him, he doesnt knw how to play basketball. X) After that me and Kim are running towards the Kelana Jaya train station cos he sky is turning cloudly.

Luckily for both of us, when we reached there the rain only starts. But it was no normal rain, the rain was thundering and heavy. Lets just say its raining cats and dogs. XD I was all alone waiting for my brother to come and fetch me.

I stood under shade and i can still feel the impact of the thunder zapping around the corner. That rain was very scary... I was finding something to do and the things which are with me are.. A bag with extra T-shirts in it, My wallet with only 3 dolars left, Megan's electronic guitar key chain and my dad's handphone.

Im making used of the hanphone and guess who did i sms?? Yuenhee!! XD Luckily for her i wont feel that lonely under the rain. Thanks Yuenhee.. X)

After i entered the car right away i sleep..