Monday, April 7, 2008

7th April's Monday

Last night i slept at 12.30am.. Yawns.. Monday is here again.. School is here again.. Boring and Annoying teacher have to be seen again.. X( Point Form!!

Perhimpunan >> Yesssh!!! Perhimpunan was canceled!! Gotta do the homeworks that i lefted out.. *scribble~scribble~scribble~*

Maths >> Pn.Ting came in late.. she came for like only 5 minutes then the bell rang adi.. haiz.. disappointed..

English >> Today we have a English exams. The exam wasnt very hard.. Hope i did well.

Recess >> My legs are falt already.. Why?? Yuenhee was stepping my legs the whole recess!! Ouch.. Oh ya!! Izzaty cutted her hair and she looked alot better.. X)

BM >> Went to library and watched bukit kepong. But still my class was beyond too noisy.. I cant listen to anything.. X( Megan is sleep while watching the show..

Add-Maths >> Lyn was very blured today.. cos she havent been coming to school these days so she doesnt really understand what Pn.Liew is saying. So im her teacher of the day.. X)

P. Moral >> Pn.Kwang didnt come! Yiiipie!! XD I was teaching Lyn how to do Add-Maths. After that Me, Tarvin and Shekar are beatboxing! I love the tempo we made! XD

Thats all happend today.. Very normal day..