Tuesday, April 22, 2008


ByeBye for what??

Well few days ago it was JinHwei's birthday. Yipieee~ XD I have to wait till Yuenhee is in good mood then only i can post out the pictures. o.O

After that the next day she have to fly to USA to do something abt studies la. Very smart sister issint it?? X) Sooo she wont be in school for a few days or weeks.. X(

Relax people.. Shes not fly back there forever! XD She coming back very soon.. she stay there for like 2 weeks only. X)

So to all admires out there, please dont be sad.. She will be back in a few days.. and few days is like very very very fast! When she comes back its exam time adi! D8 Sooooo is best that you guys out there study more then only miss her. XD

I tell u all the truth.. I do kinda miss her myself. X)

Black Rose is my story.. So shut up and dont ask!

Black Rose: Day 6